Let the madness begin! The Big Ten tournament began on Wednesday when we crown a conference champion and the teams make final preparations for a run in the NCAA tournament

After the state of Ohio stalled, looking to start over with a clean slate The Buckeyes dropped their last four games to end the season, but three of those games were played against top 10 opponents: Michigan, Iowa and Illinois

Chris Holtman will try to get his boys back on track if they become the No. 1 put 13 seeds, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, in the second round of the conference tournament Minnesota took care of business in the opening round and ended the game on a 12-0 run to send Northwestern on an early exit

The Gophers and Buckeyes faced Jan 3 when Minnesota beat Ohio State by 17 points in their only matchup of the season. Can the Buckeyes take revenge?

It’s March, baby! Win or go home! In case you’re looking for information on how to find the game, we’ve got you covered

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The state of Ohio returned to the profit column Thursday, holding back a diehard Minnesota Golden Gopher roster to advance to the (…)

What we’ve seen of the Ohio state basketball team is more of what we’ve seen during the conference’s long streak of victories (…)

It is not often that you see a security guard who happily shoots the three of them, walks down the alley and rocks the rim with a two-handed blow in traffic (…)

Ryan Day and the Ohio state soccer coaches have worked hard on the 2022 recruitment path for the past few months and are # (…)

Records Ohio State 18-8 (12-8), Minnesota 14-14 (6-14) Broadcast, Television, Playtime Date: Thursday, June 11th March Playtime: 2 pm EST (…)

It’s March, which means that YOUR basketball team in the state of Ohio is about to dive into the madness, mayhem, or some chaotic descriptor you (…)

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Former Ohio State defender Chase Young is a game wrecker who runs off the sidelines on a soccer field (…)

Some punchlines never get old, especially when it comes to putting someone in their place, like the Ohio State soccer team (…)


The Ohio State Buckeyes are hoping for one final engagement for the 2021 recruiting class, but have in the meantime secured a recognizable (…)

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World News – USA – Ohio State Basketball vs. Minnesota: How to Watch and Hear the Game on Thursday

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