MIDLAND, Texas (CBSDFWCOM / AP) – A West Texas flower shop owner who posted a video on Facebook bragging about breaking into house spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s office during the U. Uprising at the Capitol last Wednesday, Jan 6, was arrested on Wednesday, January 13, federal officials said

The FBI arrested Jenny Cudd and another Midland resident, Eliel Rosa, in connection with the Jan 6 uprising, said Daryl Fields, spokesman for the US. San Antonio Law Office

The Midland Reporter Telegram reports that Cudd and Rosa appeared before US on Wednesday afternoon Judge Ronald Griffin in Midland

Everyone is accused of entering a restricted building and behaving in a messy manner, both offenses. The court issued them personal notes of recognition

But Cudd, a former Midland mayoral candidate, said in a video message to the AP that she did not go into Pelosi’s office in person or see people break open the door and that she meant everything when she said “we” told the people who were at the Capitol. She said she didn’t do anything violent or destroy property

“She didn’t break into Nancy Pelosi’s office,” Flanary said, “She didn’t go in or anywhere near”

“We’re pretty confident the cameras will show she was only in the public areas of the Capitol,” said Flanary,

After the Capitol riot, Cudd’s Midland store, Becky’s Flowers, was flooded with dozen of one-star reviews calling her a traitor and a domestic terrorist, along with photos of her at the Capitol

“I walked through an open door into the Capitol with several hundred other people,” said Cudd

The newspaper reports that Cudd has protested protests over the coronavirus in the Midland area, including mask mandates and shop closings

It was not immediately clear if Rosa had a lawyer and a home phone number could not be found for him immediately

A crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US. Capitol building last week after a rally the President held

The prosecution has so far filed dozens of cases for a variety of criminal offenses, ranging from assaulting police officers to entering restricted areas of the US Capitol, theft of federal property, and threats to the legislature

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Jenny Cudd

World News – Jenny Cudd, owner of the US flower shop – Texas, arrested for alleged role in Capitol riot, says she did nothing violent or destructive

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