Like so many of us normal people, celebrities reacted in shock on Wednesday when a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.just as the votes of the electoral college were officially counted to confirm the election of Joe Biden

Chris Evans, aa Captain America used social media to share his feelings, the actor tweeted, referring to the extremists, “I’m speechless Just think of the carnage if it weren’t for white So many people have this enables “

Points Made (vaguely) Despite the fact that many avid Marvel fans spent the start of the uprising telling Captain America to save the country, when Evans started tweeting, Evans received mixed feedback

Some have had problems with his suggestion that “many people enabled the insurrection,” especially Why? Because in January last year Evans launched a political engagement website called A Starting Point Called a “Vanity Project” by some, it is sometimes heated to offer everyone a bipartisan platform to better inform all American voters

Some of the controversial numbers ASP has unveiled include Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Ted Yoho. When Evans tweeted seemingly innocent about the activation, some fans came up to him for being “hypocritical”

Twitter user @SpikeGhost replied to the actor with a photo of him with Cruz and wrote, “That’s you?” Sara Samora got to the point and tweeted, “With all due respect, ASP is one of those enablers, they allowed some of the same politicians there and even invited Trump, which he refused to do, which we told you you can’t do both sides, not in these times “

Adding an insult to the injury, @Myrcella tweeted, “Don’t forget your ~ both sides ~ startup website that gave credence to the people who raised this shit, the design was bad too,” Ouch

But it wasn’t all hate. Many fans jokingly urged Evans to “adjust,” while others demanded that everyone “leave Chris Evans alone” as he simply “says” “Nobody is holding down the Marvel fan base

Evans has yet to acknowledge the polarizing feedback or, as many have insisted, find his shield and get dressed. The title “Best Chris” seems to be getting harder and harder

Chris Evans

World News – US – The internet is divided over Chris Evans’ response to domestic terrorism on Capitol Hill