Stephen Curry, the Star Guard of the Golden State Warriors, suffered a tailbone missile injury in Houston at the end of the third quarter of the 108:94 victory on Wednesday night and did not return

The injury occurred in the final game of the third quarter after Curry missed an unbalanced 3-pointer His momentum took him off the ground and pushed him to the risers next to the rocket bank.He seemed to be on the risers’ first step stumbled and couldn’t break his fall

Warriors coach Steve Kerr called the injury “scary” but said after the game that he doesn’t think Curry will be missing out on much time

“He says he’ll be fine in the long run,” Kerr said. “It’ll definitely bother him for the next few days, though. I don’t know if he’s going to play Memphis [on Friday] but he seems to have the feeling that he’ll be fine for the next week, but we’ll see and please don’t take this to mean that I’m saying he’ll be on the road for a week. From all I know, he could practice [Thursday] but we will give you an update as soon as we have one “

Kerr said Curry didn’t get any x-rays after the game and didn’t expect to have any additional tests

“I didn’t see it at first and after the buzzer went off I saw everyone stand up to see what was going on,” Kerr said. “So it was scary after that he told me he was back pedaling got started and normally would have basically relapsed into the fans sitting in the courtroom but obviously no one is there so he said he took this step expecting to stop and he just kept walking and fell right on his own Tailbone, on the piece of metal on the sidelines that holds the bleachers in place “

Curry immediately grabbed his bum in pain and stayed on the floor a few moments after initially trying to get up. He immediately went back to the warriors’ locker room for examination and was subsequently disfellowshipped

The Warriors striker Draymond Green said he spoke to Curry after the game and, like Kerr, told the Star Guard he would fall back on the Rockets bench

“Hopefully it isn’t too long,” Green said, “But at the end of the day, the most important thing is his health. When you are dealing with a tailbone injury and it isn’t right, other things will stop and you will begin to see others Using Muscles You Shouldn’t Be Using Next man, but other guys including me need to keep climbing “

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