The stock price of Zomedica Corp (NYSEAMERICAN: ZOM) – a development-stage veterinary diagnostic and pharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery, development, and marketing of medicines for pets – will be unveiled today, Jan.4:00 p.m. ET traded over 45% With no fundamental news from the company released over the past week, the stock’s price appears to have risen due to external forces

There has been a surge in referrals to ZOM in stock trading groups on Facebook, Discord chat rooms, stock trading subreddits, Twitter hashtags, and YouTube channels over the past week at subreddit groups like R / Pennystocks, R / Wallstreetbets, R / TheBullishTraders and R / Zomedica

The upcoming launch of TRUFORMA by Zomedica, which is expected on 30 March is also exciting for investors. TRUFORMA is a point-of-care diagnostic device for detecting thyroid disease in dogs and cats. In late January, Zomedica signed an agreement with Miller Veterinary Supply to distribute TRUFORMA

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World News – US – ZOM share price rises over 45%: Why it happened