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The Skills Challenge has been one of the most unpredictable events on All-Star Weekend in recent years.Although the event itself was geared towards faster guards, five of the last six winners were tall men Domantas Sabonis, the 2020 runner-up in another Show of dominance of tall men, your 2021 Skills Challenge champion is Nikola Vucevic

after a highly competitive final against Orlando Magic Center

Ironically, the championship round was the first to win the smaller player in the first round, Sabonis Knicks defeated striker Julius Randle, while Vucevic defeated Trail Blazers striker Robert Covington The pair defeated the two favorites of the event when Sabonis stunned Luka Doncic while Vucevic defeated Chris Paul in the final, with both missing several 3-point points before Sabonis finally managed to set one and seal his win

🚨 DO TNT NOW TO SEE ALL STARS IN ONE NIGHT! AntasDomantas Sabonis wins #TacoBellSkills by beating Nikola Vucevic in the finals! ImageTwittercom / YwxJjZQxhc

For most of the Skills Challenge’s history, the event was limited to guards, and in 2015 the league slightly changed the format to include tall men.Rather than having players do individual, timed runs through the course, create a group of Guards vs Big Men Patrick Beverley won the first version of this format, but big men dominated from there.The final six winners are Karl-Anthony Towns, Kristaps Porzingis, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jayson Tatum (who qualifies as big by Skills Challenge standards ), Bam Adebayo and now Sabonis

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Vucevic himself has a chance to take revenge in the All-Star game He fits Team Durant, while Sabonis plays for Team LeBron Both are reserves and should share minutes on the floor so that Vucevic finally has the last laugh

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Domantas Sabonis

World News – USA – 2021 NBA Skills Challenge: Domantas Sabonis leads Nikola Vucevic and wins the first event of All-Star Sunday Night