Damian Lillard was unusually cold for the Portland Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter of a back and forth fight with the Golden State Warriors.The All-Star Guard scored just 12 points on the 3- Shoot out of 12 from the ground and shoot 1 out of 6 from a distance

With the end of the game in the final minutes, however, “Dame Time” went into effect. After Lillard drilled a 3-pointer two minutes before the end to end the game, he buried a fatal triple that slipped through the net ripped to give the Trail Blazers the lead with 14 seconds to go

After hitting a pair of clutch jumpers, Lillard stepped on the defensive end of the floor as Draymond Green drove to the bucket to end the game on the next possession, Lillard slipped in his way for a controversial indictment after review, the charges remained pass and iced the game in Portland’s favor, 108-106

Lillard finished the competition with 22 points in 6-of-17 shooting from the field with six assists and five boards in 37 minutes for the Trail Blazer

The Warriors must jump back against the glowing Phoenix Suns with the second stretch of road on Thursday

Before the start of the competition in Portland, Kelly Oubre Jr was disfellowshipped with a sprained left wrist, leaving the Warriors behind Steph Curry without one of their top scorers. With Oubre Jr The warriors turned to Kent Bazemore

The veteran security guard registered one of Golden State’s four double-digit goals against the Blazers, scoring 12 points on a 5-of-12 shootout from the field with six boards and an assist for the Warriors in 30 minutes

Whenever Steph Curry takes on Damian Lillard, there has to be fireworks. While Lillard waited until the end of the fourth quarter, Curry opened the game in the first quarter with 16 points for Golden State

The two-time Most Valuable Player scored 35 points in a 13-of-28 shooting from the field with seven rebounds and five assists in 36 minutes against Lillard and the Trail Blazers

On the way to becoming the starter for the 2021 All-Star Game, Steph Curry delivered a barrage of highlights worth playing on Wednesday in Portland, the two-time Most Valuable Player added another to his 2020-21 résumé added

At the end of the third quarter, Curry caught a pass from Draymond Green after cutting the lane. While Enes Kanter was prowling through the paint, Curry flipped up a high arc that ricocheted off the top of the rim before falling through the net / p>

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World News – USA – 3 Things You Should Know: Clutch exploits by Damian Lillard freeze warriors late in Portland, 108-106

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