The breakdown came when Lt Governor John Fetterman resigned his position as Senate Chairman after a hiatus from the GOP Senators during a debate on Sen’s seat on Jim Brewster

Brewster won his race against Republican challenger Nicole Ziccarelli in 45 District just under 69 votes

The election was upheld by the Pennsylvania State Department and upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court However, Ziccarelli is questioning the results of the race and the case is still pending

Ziccarelli denies the legitimacy of the election results due to a discrepancy between how the different districts in the 45th District with postal ballot papers

In one county, undated postal ballot papers were discarded, in another they were allowed. Ziccarelli asks a judge to throw away 311 undated postal ballot papers, which would change the election results

Efforts to prevent Brewster from taking the seat were spearheaded by Republican Sen Jake Corman and the new Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward, who insisted Brewster couldn’t sit while Ziccarelli’s case pending

At some point Corman refused to continue the proceedings until “the gentleman from the 45th [District] moves away from the podium “

During the heated exchange, Corman then moved to another podium in front of the room and began a vote to remove Fetterman from his role as Senate President

Fetterman tried to object for a few minutes but was eventually forced to step down. A video of the incident is shown Corman calling for a vote to remove Fetterman while Fetterman expresses his outrage

“You are breaking the Constitution and Commonwealth law and breaking the oath of office you actually took. Nothing is appropriate that day and we are not going to lie down because you have four people left on this side of the aisle “You can hear Fetterman screaming

“I didn’t feel like ruining the picture day,” Fetterman told the local newspaper The Sharon Herald. “What mattered was that there must be a way for both sides to maintain their dignity, and we can find a way to do it find in front Unfortunately that was not the case “

In a statement to the Washington Post, Corman said he had prevented Brewster from taking his seat in order to ensure “duly elected representation” “

“Ziccarelli’s position is that Pennsylvania’s electoral law is very clear that voters must sign and date their postal ballot in order to be counted,” Corman said. “We understand that this issue needs to be resolved promptly while ensuring must that the voters of the 45th Senate district have duly elected the representation “

Governor Jim Wolf told The Sharon Herald that Fetterman’s expulsion and refusal to put Brewster in charge was “a shameful takeover that puts the institution to shame”

John Fetterman

World News – USA – A screaming match broke out in the Senate of the US state PA, which Lt forced Gov John Fetterman to take off