A rogue piece of confetti managed to get everyone talking during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday

Bebe Rexha was doing her “Baby I’m Jealous” Doja Cat collaboration when a single piece of decoration stuck to the camera lens and managed to completely cover the singer

tag yourself: macy’s Thanksgiving Parade: I’m the piece of confetti that got stuck on the lens after bebe rexha posted a pictureTwittercom / q94jOqbXXM

A piece of confetti fell on the camera and blocked Bebe Rexha at the end of her act I’m crying BildTwittercom / MFdTtzeV00

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots kicked off the festivities Thursday morning, with the cast of Hamilton also performing

It’s the first time Hamilton has appeared in the parade, so grateful to be among the shows that are performing including @AintTooProud, @jaggedmusical, @MeanGirlsBway, on the other hand, live theater awaits, the ghost lights are still grateful for YOU I wish you a nice, safe day https: // tco / 0XpqYKu3YV

Bebe Rexha

World News – USA – A single piece of confetti steals the show during the Bebe Rexha Thanksgiving Parade

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