MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) – Until last Wednesday, Jenny Cudd was known in the Permian Basin as a former mayoral candidate in the Central Plateau, a right-wing activist

Jenny Cudd is a big fan of President Trump? and she was back in Washington last week to protest the electoral college

After the president’s speech, she joined hundreds of others marching down Pennsylvania Avenue Posting on their Facebook page – “We’re charging the Capitol”

She posted photos of herself outside the capital – and a selfie inside the building on her Parler account

After the uprising, she posted a 25-minute live video on her Facebook page talking about what had happened inside

â ???? We had to climb a wall to get there there were people who started climbing up the scaffolding and we pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and screamed and screamed charge and on and on and on we just pressed and pressed and pressed and got on said Cudd

The video and photos that Cudd took of himself led to people across the country demanding their arrest

“Over 7 death threats have been called on my shop in the past 36-48 hours, Becky’s flowers” said Cudd

Cudd spoke to CBS7 two days after the uprising and said she had no regrets about what she did and would do it again

â ???? The only thing I would change The only thing I would change would be in my graduation video that night which went viral I would not use the term we I would use the term I Is that the only thing I would change? said Cudd

In Cudd’s interview, she stood by her actions and said that she would not step back from “culture break” a???? and wasn’t concerned about the FBI arresting protesters

“I didn’t break any laws”I haven’t done anything illegal and I think that’s probably why the FBI and law enforcement haven’t contacted me yet said Cudd

Jenny Cudd

World News – USA – A timeline of the events that led to the arrest of Jenny Cudd

Source: https://www.cbs7.com/2021/01/14/a-timeline-of-events-leading-up-to-jenny-cudds-arrest/