Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore still has the skills 25 years after the Dennis Dugan film premiered Sandler celebrated Happy Gilmore’s 25th anniversary on Twitter by demonstrating his golf skills on video

“It’s been 25 years since I did this Let’s see what happens. Shooter McGavin, this is for you, “says Sandler, dedicating his impressive putt to his on-screen rival,” I’m not lying to you That’s smashed smashed That went pretty well You’re dead, shooter “

In the film, Sandler plays a retired hockey player trying to prove his golfing skills to save his grandmother’s house.Sandler starred alongside Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, and Christopher McDonald who starred as McGavin shooter

However, Sandler wasn’t the only one channeling his Happy Gilmore character to celebrate the movie Shortly after the Hubie Halloween actor’s video was posted, McDonald shot his own response to Sandler’s golf challenge and shared it on Twitter / p>

“Nice ride, Gilmore 25 years old, huh? Let’s see if it’s a shooter tour, “McDonald said before shooting a golf ball into a glass on the floor.

“Thanks to all the fans and thanks to you, Adam Sandler, and why don’t you just meet me at 9 o’clock on the ninth green, Gilmore? Oh and Gllmore, wear something nice,” McDonald continued

Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore

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