After more than a decade of service, Adobe finally unplugged its Flash Player plug-in on the last day of 2020. When the company stopped supporting Flash, many tearfully said goodbye to it online, using the hashtag # RIPAdobeFlash was trending online

The browser plug-in that began its journey in 1996 brought rich animation and interactivity to the early web Blocked on January 1st, major browsers will block them from January 1st Closed January, with Microsoft being the first

Flash was about more than just animation.Also, online video platforms like YouTube were able to stream high quality videos on computers but weren’t quite ready for the smartphone era, but Abode continued to produce Flash for desktop computers, according to a BBC report the software suffered from several security flaws

While people were really looking forward to saying goodbye to the pandemic-scarred 2020, they weren’t too thrilled that the year also marked the end of their beloved plugin

Internet users, especially gamers, are saying goodbye to the Flash player, and many get emotional as they step back in time and share all of the old experiences it made possible

Please take a moment to honor our fallen brother
We are in desperate times and we have to slowly move on. You have given us countless hours of joyful games and videos We will never forget you, Flash

Who cares if the office leaves Netflix, Adobe Flash dies, and takes away all the games that were my childhood photoTwittercom / anh2XIOpPg

Reply with your favorite memories, moments, or Flash games / animations to admire and show respect for Adobe Flash Player

Since Adobe is now preventing Flash Player from displaying content, this also has an impact on many other animations and game platforms that depend on it. Farmville, which was clearly the most popular of them all, also said goodbye after eleven years when the game company Zynga Original version of her video game closed on New Years Eve as it relied on Flash

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Adobe Flash

World News – USA – Adobe Flash Player is finally being put to rest and people are mourning it with memes