“I barely survived the pipeline between the toddler and the train wreck. Nothing was meant for me to end up …” Normal ” Stable ” Alive ‘”

Alyson Stoner, the former child star who appeared in huge Disney franchises like Camp Rock, The Suite Life by Zack and Cody, Phineas and Ferb, and countless short films and music videos like Missy Elliot’s “Work It,” wrote a heartbreaking for people describing the chronic state of fame in her childhood and how the abuse she endured through the Hollywood system nearly broke her, as many of her peers did

“As I traversed extreme peaks and valleys of global fame, hidden medical hospital stays, artistic milestones, rapid adult education, and multi-layered abuse that I would not wish for anyone, I just barely survived the pipeline between toddler and train wreck,” wrote Stoner. “Indeed it was nothing designed for me to end in the end ‘Normal’ ‘Stable’ ‘Alive’ “

We have seen the system hurt young stars over and over again Britney Spears Lindsay Lohan Demi Lovato The Olsen Twins “The damage manifests as illness or questionable behavior and is projected onto the child as if it were an isolated problem “Stoner wrote, adding,” How can children inadvertently copy and paste the same horror stories, call for help and humiliating spirals? ” How is it that there has been no sign of improvement for centuries? “

Stoner believes that clear action plans for interventions, long-term prevention methods and adult accountability are absent from the equation “On behalf of the current children who are currently being molested, there is an opportunity for us to reach out to each other through honest conversation and mutual understanding Strengthen action “

She broke the system down into a clear two-act structure to use her own experience as an example to explain how horrible things are for child stars Stoner shared about her first audition – she was 6 years old and auditioned for the role of a child who had been kidnapped and raped an hour later, auditioning for a princess toy ad, so had to transform into a different person to hopefully get both roles

She continued, “In terms of development, my perceptions of basic security, healthy relational bonding, and awareness of my surroundings are very impressive. Cognitively, I am just beginning to understand the difference between the real and the imaginary, and shaping my nervous system Patterns that will unconsciously determine my behavior personally, socially and professionally in the coming decades “

Stoner suggests that an on-set psychiatrist is the answer to this problematic imprint.Not only can this professional help minors (and adults too) navigate between identities, but can also help child actors when they report mental health problems and misconduct must

Despite the legalities associated with child labor, Stoner wrote, many companies do not adhere to it. “According to the US. The Department of Labor in 17 states has no regulations on child entertainment in 2021, “Stoner said. Still, all 50 working child actors”

At this young age, Stoner skipped meals to do her overlapping jobs, and agents even encouraged her to emancipate herself from her parents so she could work longer. “My body is medically malnourished and chronically stressed, which is itself will later develop into severe eating disorders, adrenal fatigue and mandatory bed rest, “wrote Stoner.” The onset of puberty has made my waist and chest the main objects of attention and inspection This will also categorize my career “

“There must be compulsory industrial and media literacy courses for guardians and agents and maintain set protocols,” suggests Stoner to serve as a guardian checkpoint. “It can reveal negligent and greedy behavior within agencies, and it can Establish Best Practices To Get That Million Dollar Shot In The Safest, Most Ethical Way “

And by the age of 17, Stoner’s family had collapsed from the constant stress and she had gone into rehab “I’m here because I’m at least 20 pounds underweight and I daresay my health matters, even if I do feel like I’m the only lawyer for it, “she wrote

But this “break” meant that Stoner had to start over – her marketability crashed because it was no longer relevant. “Culturally, I am reduced to my previous characters and expect me to fall into a nostalgic memory or a” been “going over, although I had no chance at all of finding out who I am,” she wrote

“This is not about pointing your fingers, but working together to protect children who will be the next generation of society, many of whom will have a tangible impact on your own children,” said Stoner. “There are very few resources to help people unpack and control the impact of a child-led culture, whether you are the child, parent, agent, or audience solutions like psychiatrists and industrial literacy courses are easy next steps “

She realizes that she is “one of the happiest cases” of childhood celebrity, and she credits her therapist and an “inner mysterious force” that led her to commit to self-work and constant healing in order to helping her make it through the tunnel – albeit not without her own scars and trauma

“And no, I didn’t mention the sexual harassment, stolen intellectual property and money, paparazzi, the psychological ramifications of the new influencer landscape, toxic power games, and what actually happened on all of those sets,” she noted, “When we got the pipeline between toddlers and train wrecks disturbing and healing, we need no further warnings By highlighting my story as some form of “exception” to the rule, we are misunderstanding the suffering of my colleagues and diverting attention from the changes that are needed immediately ”

“As long as we are bewitched or complacent, we are also vulnerable,” concluded Stoner. “This applies to both Hollywood families and home consumers. Together we can change the narrative”

Alyson Stoner

World News – United States – Alyson Stoner wrote a heartbreaking comment on the dangers of being a child star

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