Ayesha Curry defends her decision to pose nude for an upcoming issue of her magazine after several fans pointed out she starred in the magazine’s past about covering up your body

Steph Curry’s wife melted Instagram after sitting a crazy photo of herself naked on the floor during the photo shoot at the time she was promoting the ‘BODY’ issue of her magazine, which described the natural wellness and skin care products that clearly worked in their case

But many called Ayesha as a hypocrite after tweeting the intimate body should it be reserved for your significant other!

“So many natural wellness and skin remedies in this issue from our (Sweet July) BODY function! (Steph Curry) has to choose the photo😏 shin and shoulders, shin and shoulders,” Curry labeled the beautiful picture

But almost immediately, she was confronted by several fans pointing out an old tweet that seemed to be flying in the face of her decision to pose naked

“Everyone barely wears clothes these days, right? Not my style. I like to cover up the good stuff for the one who matters -” 5 December 2015, Ayesha Curry via Twitter, “commented one person

In her own defense, Ayesha explained the earlier tweet by saying, “When you realized I was talking about a person who was carrying nipple patties and walking out of Starbucks, she thought it was funny but no one wanted to ask”

It wasn’t done there, another fan asked: “Is this the same person who told women to cover up a few years ago? 😔🙃”

As you can imagine, there were a lot of fans and friends who defended their decision to present themselves for the new magazine like “She made this comment 6 years ago, at some point you have to let people change and grow”, said a fan

Some others went on to defend Curry, saying, “I don’t feel the comments section on this post. She looks great and is a grown woman, just because she shows skin doesn’t mean she has to justify herself! It’s really nothing Wrong about looking good and wanting to feel good. Your comments are not funny there, just rude, get over yourself and let them be! “

Ayesha’s NBA star husband defended himself and raved about his “Valentine’s Day” by sharing his wife’s smoking hot photos and saying, “There goes my baby !!!!! My Valentine’s Day she has @ sweetjuly magazine now published “

Ayesha Curry

World News – USA – Ayesha Curry defends hot nude image after being labeled a hypocrite

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