Bachelor host Chris Harrison downplayed Rachael Kirkconnell’s alleged Southern Ball images, saying fans should wait for her to approach them

Longtime Bachelor host Chris Harrison has downplayed Rachael Kirkconnell’s alleged “Old South Ball” images and accused what he calls “the bright police” of putting pressure on them to address this controversy since the first Week in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, fans are investigating and sharing alleged photos and stories about Rachael and yet, while her co-star Queen Victoria Larson has been somewhat active on social media to defend herself, Rachael has been completely silent / p>
As more allegations and allegations surfaced, Rachael Kirkconnell’s undergraduate fans were expecting to hear whether or not everything that is being brought up is true or not this season is now officially in the second half, so ask ask people when it will be the right time for them to come out and improve the record.It could be that these pictures and stories are not from her at all, so she has room to deny them, otherwise she may have the time take to apologize and show some growth

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During an extra interview with Rachel Lindsay, the head of the 13th For the season of The Bachelorette, host Chris Harrison spoke as a Bachelor producer, trying to downplay the allegations fans had made about Rachael Kirkconnell’s past in the video (below), Chris suggested that these photos be taken from 2018 by 2021 another lens are examined: “Doesn’t it look good in 2018 or does it look good in 2021?” Rachel pointed out that this should never have been a good look. Chris then asked the so-called “Guard Police” to give Rachael and Matt more time to deal with the situation. However, the interviewer Rachel pushed back again and remembered, that six weeks have passed since these images first came to light

“Is it looking good in 2018 or is it not looking good in 2021?” The NATIONAL chapter banned the & theme “Old South” in 2016, but they did it anyway 2016 is not looking good Not good in 2018, not a good look in 2021, and to quote @TheRachLindsay, it’s not a good look ever picTwittercom / FIFZDJRrK1

Now Bachelor Nation fans and alumni are responding to Chris Harrison’s testimony from this last interview and sharing criticism for trying to downplay allegations about Rachael Kirkconnell, Bachelorette director Rachel Lindsay even stated in a tweet (see below) that her days of helping and supporting the undergraduate franchise are numbered “

This is example no 3487, where Chris Harrison really needs to learn the difference between “breaking culture” and “accountability” ’

We can leave grace and space to study while demanding accountability at the same time I think @chrisbharrison expresses more empathy for people romanticizing the Confederation than for people harmed by white supremacy in this clip So disappointing https: // tco / Lw2BabkLpb

Like Chris Harrison said, “Is 2018 looking good or not looking good in 2021?” w / such trust is the most troubling part for me

Only time will tell when Rachael will speak about these things and what she will say Bachelor Nation can stand by for now

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