There is no worse day on the internet than 1 April, when people take the time to prank unfortunate sports fans, a day known as April Fool’s Day, and there’s no NFL franchise easier to find right now than Chicago Bears fans

Chicago’s quarterback troubles are nothing new, but the pain is fresh after losing the deal with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson The Bears made an offer – three picks for the first round, one picks for the third round and two players – but the Seahawks refused

Seattle’s reluctance to deal with Wilson is also due to the fact that they have no replacement for him. And while the Seahawks closed the door on a possible Wilson deal, Adam Schefter and other reporters have pointed out that Wilson Seattle in 2021 is not a guarantee of what to monitor as we get closer to the NFL draft

And while Wilson to the Bears remains a pipe dream, some people couldn’t resist a little April Fool’s Day joke at the expense of Bears fans The NFL Memes Twitter account shared a graphic – similar to the official ESPN or NFL graphics – which noted that Chicago had acted for Wilson

I’m shocked it took me until 9:21 a.m. to see this tweet I could smell it yesterday https: // tco / h14uxDiiFI

That’s why I hate this trash vacation game with my emotions and what not https: // tco / Hjm6jP9Hqq

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