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There is only one day left until Selection Sunday, and the bracket is taking shape. There are 26 games left to play, 20 of which will determine automatic qualification

That assumes that we can play all of these games, which has not been taken for granted in the past few days On Friday, Virginia and Kansas had to cancel their respective conference tournaments because the players had tested positive for COVID-19 It is not yet known whether those teams will also be eliminated from the NCAA tournament, but Kansas has announced that it is hoping to travel to Indianapolis on Monday without those who tested positive while Virginia’s situation is less clear

There is an 11:59 pm ET deadline on Saturday to let the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee know if a team needs to withdraw before the staple is announced on Sunday if a team needs to withdraw afterwards but before 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, it will be replaced by one of the first four teams from the committee bracket

In my bracket today, Oklahoma state improved to 2-seed after beating Baylor 83-74 in the lone Big 12 semi-final game The Cowboys won eight out of nine while storming the bracket for a month This is however the cap for them The state of Oklahoma will play against Texas for the Big 12 title tonight

Check out Palm’s newest bracket, the 68-strong field, and all of the teams in the bubble on the Bracketology Hub

Georgia Tech also received a pass to its tournament final when the yellow jackets went up when Virginia dropped out of the ACC tournament on Friday morning. They’ll be playing against Florida State, which defeated North Carolina in the semifinals

It’s been an especially bad year for top seeds at conference tournaments Of the 31 tournaments, only seven top seeds have won and 10 more have a chance.Of the 14 eliminated teams, 12 lost while Virginia and North Carolina A&T due to positive COVID -Tests had to fail None of the 16 seeds in my bracket were the top seeds in their conference tournaments

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At the end of the round, the US state of Utah prevailed in the semifinals of Mountain West against the US state of Colorado when Saint Louis got out again

The teams in the last four on the list will be fierce for Colorado and Creighton on Saturday. Oregon State and Georgetown play for conference titles in the Pac-12, respectively in the Big East If either team wins, a bid is stolen at the bottom of the bracket People usually think bid stealers are from not big conferences, but that can happen with the majors too

People often ask what is the hardest part of bracket projections to do in a COVID-affected season.It is the different number of games teams have played.For example, this morning I have Wichita State which has played 18 games with me Compared to North Carolina, which has 18 wins and 10 losses, the committee can only judge teams by what they’ve done with the opportunities presented, but comparisons like these are difficult

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World News – USA – Bracketology: Baylor Holds No 1 Seed As Oklahoma State Soars After Exciting Showdown