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There seems to be nothing more precious than clean air these days, a recent study found that devastating smoke is more dangerous than other air pollutants people are exposed to when looking to keep the air in your home clean (or just plain dander or dust want to remove), an air purifier may be in your future

Here is a list of 10 air purifiers available for sale for a limited time. Some are high tech, others are simpler. There is sure to be something for everyone here

This air purifier is ideal for keeping an immediate area free of pollutants It can remove 99 percent of particles larger than 0.3 microns and kill bacteria The air purifier’s design makes it easy to move around and take with you

Get the Wynd Plus: Smart Personal Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor for $ 17499 with coupon code WYNDPLUS

This high-tech air purifier comes with an Environmental Protection Agency carbon filter designed to purify the air in the area.Any bad smells or dust in the area will come off with this guy making it a great addition to a nursery or one Children’s room as this filter is also equipped with a night light system that plays lullabies

If you want a system that stands out in terms of design, this might be the strangest one in the group. It’s supposed to stand on a desk and take up little space for larger jobs. The air purifier offers three different speeds to To meet your requirements

This is the cheapest air purifier on this list, but don’t underestimate its value.It is USB charged and runs pretty quietly compared to others.Its size makes this air purifier easy to carry and take to any room – you can even use it set up in your car if you are worried about driving in polluted traffic

You can use this air purifier in a larger room that needs a little more electricity. Mold spores, dust and flakes of skin cannot survive this purifier The built-in air quality monitor helps this device work on its own, so it is actively cleaned as needed

This tiny air purifier will add a nice touch to any room, most guests may not even realize it’s an air purifier until they hear the low hum, the innovative design has won awards like the 2020 CES Innovation Award and is not a Setup required What more can you ask for?

UV disinfectants can help make us feel safe these days, this air purifier is built with this technology – as is HEPA filtration and cold catalyst filtration, which means you have some mechanisms that you can rely on to keep your Purify Air of a Range of Threats This air purifier is slightly larger than others on this list, but that means it can clean a larger room

For those who have light to take their air purifier with them on the go, this one is shaped to fit perfectly in most cup holders, meaning you can easily slip it in your car or even your baby’s stroller, while many people do By keeping their air purifiers in their homes, you can also try to keep the air around you clean when you are outside

The company markets this little device as “the world’s most advanced smart air purifier” “That’s because it comes with an air quality sensor that allows it to be turned on when needed, taking into account how many people are at home, how There’s a lot of pollution outside and what time it is All of this contributes to indoor air quality in a home Science can be pretty cool

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