When it comes to grit and the fight against good football, the Denver Broncos have ticked the boxes for much of this season

But after another “so close” loss – 19-16 to the Los Angeles Chargers – that dropped the Broncos to 5-10 on Sunday, coach Vic Fangio said that the next step would be no matter who injured or unavailable is – what is most important – is that the Broncos turn efforts into victories

“I think that’s reflected well in the team – their effort, their tenacity, their resilience,” said Fangio, “but we have to start making the games and not the things that lead to it You lose one”Play like this”

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All you need this week:
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There were a lot of those things on Sunday. The Broncos gave up a 53 yard kickoff return to open the game. The offense turned 10 possessions into just one touchdown. Quarterback Drew Lock threw an interception in the end zone of the Chargers when he tried to block the ball where there was no more space available Brandon McManus missed a field goal attempt The Broncos defense, holding the Chargers at bay for most of the day, allowed Austin Ekeler to run 11 and in the final minutes 23 meters to break off on the game-winning journey

It added up to a three-point loss even though the Broncos left the Chargers 396-316 behind, played 22 more offensive games and held the ball six minutes longer

“You can’t give up [an] opening start if you return it deep in our end for a field goal We need to achieve our field goals; we have to catch a ball when it is thrown”We have to throw the ball more accurately sometimes, we have to play the receiver closer, no matter who is playing in the corner, and not just play fearfully, we have to attack when we have the opportunity to attack; we ‘we have to do everything that winning teams do “said Fangio” But I’m proud of the guys we have, proud of their efforts, their toughness, resilience, but we have to do things better “

The Broncos opened the game with a 14-game drive that should have resulted in points, but Lock threw a better interception to end that threat, and they followed up with a 12-game drive that with McManus’ missed Field goal attempt ended

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McManus actually missed twice and hit the same left post every time he missed, but the first was negated by a Chargers penalty and the Chargers were able to prevail with a 3-0 lead that ended 13-0 at halftime, before the Broncos could make a close game

“Well, they had the ball in hand I saw that in the end and we can’t have that,” said Lock of his first interception. “” It’s one of those pieces that I have to get out of myself “

“Day 1, you talked to him about it, not just recently,” said Fangio. “You can’t throw interceptions in the red zone, especially where there really wasn’t that much or it was sloppy out there Throw If you’re trying to hit one and the defense is making a great game, that’s one thing. If you make bad choices, that’s another thing “

The Broncos were understaffed on Sunday – Phillip Lindsay was 13th last week Team player in the injured reserve – but Fangio still used his bench at times to make a point

Fangio prevailed against De’Vante Bausby twice to try to solve problems and eventually brought Parnell Motley to the line-up. Motley has been signed off from the 49ers’ training team in recent weeks and trained with the Broncos for the first time on Wednesday

“Well I didn’t like the way Bausby tackled, OK or not,” said Fangio. “I took him out earlier in the game, he asked for another chance, I gave it to him and he got in the second Another duel completed at half time””

Even Motley, whom Fangio congratulated on his efforts, couldn’t escape criticism when the coach added, “He played too softly on the last run”

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Rookie receiver Jerry Jeudy, who lost five passes in the game, including a possible touchdown in the second half, was also on the field for the final game when the Broncos tried to hail Mary in the Chargers end zone Jeudy said he had “never” had a game like this on any level of football and called it “unacceptable” “

At one point in the second half when the Broncos were trying to get past their earlier work, Lock spoke to Jeudy in the Broncos banking area Two young players tried to find the results that they have missed more often than they are used to

“I told him he was just too good to hang my head and too good to be upset,” said Lock. “There are many ways for me to hang my head this year let, and it’s about how you react, how you get up again, and I know Jerry has been so good up until now that this may be one of the first times he’s fought it takes a man to be here and since has trouble a couple of times to maybe go up and tell him something “

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