The Eagles agreed on Thursday to trade Wentz for a selection for the third round in 2021 and a conditional selection for the second round in 2022 can turn into a top-class, confirmed John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia >

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That ends the Wentz era in Philadelphia after just five seasons, in which Franchise and Wentz experienced incredible ups and downs.

Wentz will now reunite with Frank Reich and Press Taylor in Indianapolis. Wentz gets the goal he wanted and the Eagles have a chance to take a first round

🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨Source confirms Carson Wentz has acted to get the Colts Eagles a third round draft pick this year and a conditional second round pick next year, which translates into a pick picture for Could Turn The First RoundTwittercom / htMJMPpHdc

By trading with Wentz, the Eagles will save almost 853 in 2021$ 000 in cap space but lagged with a dead cap hit of $ 338 million for the upcoming season that’s an NFL record to break the previous $ 22 million mark to become the Rams accruing after trading Jared Goff earlier this off-season

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World News – USA – Carson Wentz traded to Colts, source confirmed to NBC Sports Philadelphia