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One of the fascinating things about American Idol is that you never know who is going to audition Katy Perry was thrilled when she saw 16-year-old Tik Tok influencer Claudia Conway standing in front of the judges at the premiere

“My parents are high-profile political figures”, Claudia introduced herself “My mother is Kellyanne Conway, she worked for Donald Trump and my father is George Conway. He is a lawyer and has worked against Donald Trump. He is here with me. It’s a lot but I agree to disagree with my mom and dad It’s hard but I just want to spread love and I love compromise ”

The only thing Claudia made it clear to the judges is that she wants to make a name for herself alongside her parents and she hopes to do so through music that has been her saving grace when life gets tough

“I had to move to Washington, DC.When I was 12 and hated it, “Claudia explained,” When your mother works for the President of the United States that you disagree with, it’s hard “

“She loves me, I love her. Our relationship is a little dodgy. Most of my life my emotions were suppressed so I got social media and said,” Well, now my voice can be heard, “Claudia told the judges

Before performing, Kellyanne spoke to her daughter in Idol’s new immersive experience room, which has a huge screen

“You should be nervous, it’s a humbling experience,” Kellyanne told her “This is your time to shine. Remember winners are people who are ready to lose”

Claudia started her audition with “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna but her nerves got the best out of her so Katy stopped her and asked if she had prepared a second song. She had Adeles “When We Finished”

So Katy gave her a little coaching: “Think about when you were young and go back to that time. There’s a sadness. You lost your youth because you couldn’t experience it alone without all this noise. Your father is your father your mother is your mother Who is Claudia? You need to calm the storm around you because if you sing like you want to read the social media comments afterwards, you just become a Tik Tok star We want an American idol ”

“You obviously went through a lot as a young girl and were in the spotlight,” said Luke Bryan. “You sing like a 16 year old girl which is great. With this Adele song when you started, you really have emotions, sells really well but then there are some things that limit your reach ”

Lionel Richie also thought the second song was better and said, “You showed where you can train, understood that the fear factor left you for a moment and the qualities of your voice came through, and I was really impressed Will it be a challenge for the rest of the participants that we have on the show? I don’t know ”

“There is a lot of noise in your life,” Katy said. “You have to calm the storm around you. Before you sing, you have to pick up your phone, you have to stop reading your comments and push them aside for when.” no, you can never rise above your father or mother. It’s your choice ”

Luke said no, but Katy stepped behind Claudia and Lionel, who told her he would give her a shot of music. With two out of three judges, Claudia is on her way to Hollywood

Claudia Conway’s father is attorney George Conway.He was shortlisted for important appointments in the Trump administration, but later appeared as a vocal opponent of President Trump

Claudia Conway has 17 million followers on TikTok How to follow the 16-year-old influencer: @claudiaconway

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