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At 35, Chris Paul showed why he’s one of the best point guards to ever play the game on Wednesday when he helped the Suns win a 117-113 overtime win over Utah Jazz, the best team the Western Conference, but what made the performance all the more impressive was the low-key homage to “Space Jam” on the sidelines

On the show, while hydrating near the team bench, Paul saw drinking from a plastic bottle with a piece of paper labeled “Chris’ Secret Stuff” on it. This is a reference to the original “Space Jam”, where Michael Jordan and his team of Looney Tunes characters in the locker room were dejected about the halftime deficit against the Monstars, only to have Bugs Bunny get a bottle that said “Michael’s Secret Stuff” and give it to almost everyone – except for Wayne Knight’s character a sip to revive them for a comeback in the second half

Chris’ secret stuff is the key to 29 PTS, 9 AST for @ CP3 in @Suns W! ImageTwittercom / SPkhudubDg

In the movie, it is later revealed that Bugs only slapped that label on a bottle of plain water, proving that the Tune Squad had the knack for beating the monstars in them all the time, just like in the movie, Paul’s bottle wasn’t Filled with something special that went beyond your typical sports drink, but unlike “Space Jam”, the Point God probably didn’t need to be tricked into motivating himself to get better. He just made it

Paul scored 16 points in the fourth quarter towards a statistical line that resulted in 29 points and nine assists, including the last two free throws that froze the game in overtime

It would be nice if this were a random reference to a movie that many associate with childhood, but what is more likely is that this was a slight marketing reference to the upcoming “Space Jam” sequel Paul’s Banana Boat buddy is Lebron James At least his mini-ad was made during a win

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Chris Paul

World news – USA – Chris Paul drinks ‘Secret Stuff’ and drives Suns to victory over jazz over time