Three Westport Police Department officers wear their Autism Awareness Commemorative Badges for Autism Awareness Month, April

A Westport Police Department patrol car has an Autism Awareness Door with an Autism Puzzle Piece logo for Autism Awareness Month, April

A Westport Police Department patrol car has an Autism Awareness Door with an Autism Puzzle Piece logo for Autism Awareness Month, April

In order to honor the autistic community and raise awareness of autism, police officers in the department have purchased autism awareness commemorative badges that they will wear on their uniforms in April.The badge is blue and has the puzzle piece in the center- Logo on which represents the universal symbol of autism awareness.A portion of the purchase price of the badge will be donated directly to Autism Speaks to help fund the work of this nonprofit organization.The Police Department will also promote the cause by putting the puzzle piece logo on it the doors of all police cars in the department The logos were donated by Fleet Auto Supply

Autism Awareness Month is also an opportune time to remind the community of the Westport Disability Register.Its creation was a joint effort by the Westport Disability Commission, Human Services and the Police Department The confidential register is used to identify important Provide information to help police and other rescue workers cater to the needs of residents of all abilities, visit the city’s website for more information on how to sign up for registration

Julie O’Connor from Weston was the adult winner in the Food and Drink category at the 6th Darien Art Center’s annual smartphone photo competition, Pic Darien O’Connor was one of the last 20 competition winners. Adults and children received cash prizes for first place in all categories The competition brought in almost 400 entries in ten categories with entries of all ages. p>

Members of the Westport Police Department take part in the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s U Drive Highway Safety Office’s U Text U Pay Enforcement Campaign for High Visibility for the Month of April

The Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Westport Police Department urge drivers to put their phones down when they are behind the wheel. If drivers need a text message before reaching their destination, they are encouraged to drive to a safe location first / p>

The Westport Youth Commission is seeking eighth through eleventh grade students and adult members for the 2021-2022 school year in the commission Limited positions are available For aspiring sophomores, junior or senior citizens, or adults interested in To discuss youth issues monthly while making a difference in the community are invited to sign up.The appointment process for youth and adults involves completing an application and submitting at least one letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant by the age of 14 May visit wwwWestportctRegierung / Jugenddienste for the application link

Sivan Hong, author and illustrator, will present her two new children’s books on April 3 Share April at noon in a virtual author’s talk, followed by a book signing at the Westport Library at 1:30 p.m.

Hong’s new books are titled “Benny J and the terrible Halloween “and” George J and the miserable Monday ”

Visit the library website to register for the lecture. Books will also be available for sale at the event or in advance from the Hong website

People are also invited to come to the library at 20 Jesup Road to meet Hong and attend the book signing which will be socially distant. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the books will be donated to the library / p>

Autism Awareness Month

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