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It’s important to be healthy in the postseason, but do dormant players have an advantage?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for the 2020 NFL postseason even with one game left To be in the position where the final game of the season is a game where players can rest is a Luxury not all teams get Some teams even get the opportunity but have decided not to use it But does it ultimately help in the long run?

It is impossible to judge whether or not resting players was a wise decision.First, there is no way to say with certainty that the outcome would have been different if one team had chosen the other approach, It Is also impossible to speculate whether a player would have sustained an injury if he had played The only decision that can be made is how the teams behaved based on the decision to rest the players

Before I dive into the numbers, I’d like to give my personal opinion on it for this season when the Steelers essentially had no bye week due to the many Covid situations they had due to some of their opponents, it has been very sensible to rest some players to give them the chance to relax a little before a postseason run

In this episode of Crunching the Numbers, we’re going to look at how the Steelers fared in games as Ben Roethlisberger rested for the postseason, how they played in the playoffs of those seasons, and how it played out in the NFL in recent years

In Ben Roethlisberger’s career, he sat in week 17 to rest four times for the playoffs.In the games that Roethlisberger was missing, the Steelers won three of the games.In 2004, Tommy Maddox led the Steelers to a win over the 9-6 Buffalo Bills who won 6 games in a row and kept them from qualifying for the postseason In Mike Tomlin’s first year as head coach in 2007, Roethlisberger rested the last week of the season in Baltimore, where the Steelers were The 4-11 Ravens fell on the last time the Steelers played the 2016 and 2017 postseason, Ben Roethlisberger beat the Cleveland Browns in week 17, and the Steelers won both games

The last two wins the Steelers had in week 17 while resting, managed to squeal from the Cleveland Browns who were 1-29 in those two seasons while the Steelers won both came they scored a total of 7 points and took one game overtime to secure the victory

More important than the Steelers ‘performance in week 17, when Roethlisberger rests, is the Steelers’ performance in the next game when he comes back. Overall, the Steelers hold a 500 record for winning two of their four games while the 2004 Steelers beat New York Beating Jets in the divisional round, they lost in the 2007 Wild Card Round to the Jacksonville Jaguars. In 2016, the Steelers won their first two playoff games after Roethlisberger rested in week 17 In 2017, the Steelers suffered another defeat in their next game in the divisional round against the Jacksonville Jaguars

In Roethlisberger’s four postseason games after taking a break in Week 17, he has a completion percentage of 649% and an average of 297 yards per game, both of which are higher than his regular season career average, interestingly, Roethlisberger threw Less than 200 yards on both Steelers postseason wins, while he threw more than 300 yards on both losses.In his final post-season appearance, Roethlisberger threw 469 yards on 37 completions and 58 tries while having 5 touchdowns and one interception on loss the Steelers threw 42-45 against Jacksonville

How are other teams beyond the Steelers doing when they rest their quarterbacks in week 17 before the playoffs? For the past 15 seasons, teams that played on Wild Card Weekend after fully resting their quarterback have had a record of 5-9 and it’s gotten a lot better over the past five years as the teams have a record of 2-2

If you look at teams playing a wild card game after resting their quarterback last week, the record gets even worse as the home team is only 2-6 in eight games, again if one Looking at the past five years, it’s not much better as Teams 1-2 are On the positive side, the Steelers’ 2016 win over the Miami Dolphins was their only win

Another approach to getting players resting in the last week of the season is for teams to let their quarterback start the game but not even play the full half.If teams have done so in the last 15 seasons, then you suit Playoff record at 5-5 To reduce this even further, teams that hosted the wild card game as either number 3 or number 4 have played 5-1 in the last 15 seasons, with the only loss going into 2005 dates back to when the number 3 Cincinnati Bengals continued losing to eventual Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers

Just for fun as that doesn’t apply to the Steelers this season For the past 15 seasons, quarterbacks have not paid off in week 17 and a first-round reunion for teams.Teams that have quarterbacks fully rested have a record of 2-4, while teams that have their starter for part of the game Rested, 3-5 are going to be interesting to see if the strategy pays off for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020 as it wasn’t good for the 2019 Baltimore Ravens

So there are some numbers on how the Steelers and the rest of the NFL fared with resting players. While it’s difficult to tell if teams are doing better than usual, the ultimate goal is to win games and be in Moving On to the NFL Postseason How will it play out for the Steelers this year? We should know in just a week

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