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The Chicago Cubs and free agent starter Jake Arrieta reached an agreement on Friday on a one-year contract that is physically outstanding This emerges from multiple reports, including FanSided’s Robert Murray and MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, Arrieta is rejoining the club after last playing for the Cubs in 2017, a year after winning a World Series with Chicago in 2016

Arrieta is well on his way to his 35 year season, hitting a 5,08 ERA and 151 WHIP in nine starts last season for the Phillies. He only knocked out 32 while he went 16 in 44 1/3 innings in his three Years ago in Philly, Arrieta went from a 396 to 464 to 508 ERA while its strike rate decreased and the hit rate increased

Behind Kyle Hendricks, Zach Davies, and Alec Mills, Arrieta is next in line for a rotation point.There’s also Trevor Williams, Adbert Alzolay, Kohl Stewart, Shelby Miller, and a few other Arrieta isn’t sure she should stay either although there is no “wow” factor here

However, due to the reunification aspect, it’s news. Check out Arrieta’s three stops in his career:

He was sold to the Cubs for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger along with Pedro Strop (who was one of the most prolific helpers in the history of the Cubs) in 2014. He had 25 starts in 2014 and many don’t know how good he is at this year mostly ignored Cubs team was. In the vote with Cy Young, he even finished ninth

The following season Arrieta won the Cy Young 22-6 with a 177 ERA, 087 WHIP and 236 strikeouts in 229 innings. He had four full games and two shutouts June (a shutout in Minnesota) by the end of the regular season, Arrieta was 16-1 (the Cubs were 18-2) with an 086 ERA in 20 starts Then he threw a shutout in the wild card game

The next season Arrieta finished ninth again in the vote with Cy Young, while the Cubs won the World Series Arrieta won both of his World Series starts and even finished sixth in Game 2

This signature is mostly nostalgic too, but who knows? Pitching for the Cubs is the only place Arrieta has had sustained success with the majors For whatever it’s worth – probably not much – Arrieta had a 143 ERA in 82 innings against then catcher and now Cubs manager David Ross / p>

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Jake Arrieta

World News – USA – Cubs, Jake Arrieta to agree to a year-long reunion through an independent agency, according to reports