WASHINGTON – Several people were arrested in Washington, D C., on Tuesday in connection with protests ahead of Congress confirming the vote of the electoral college on Wednesday

Washington D.C. City Police said there were six people arrested as of 9 p.m. ET, including some with multiple charges, including a handful of gun-related weapons, including carrying unlicensed firearms, owning unregistered ammunition, and owning an unregistered firearm Protesters were also accused of attacking and simply attacking a police officer

Tuesday’s rallies in support of President Donald Trump, who refuses to accept his November election loss to President-elect Joe Biden, featured a number of conservative speakers and attracted a crowd of Trump supporters ahead of the trial Wednesday traveled to the capital

Although the official events ended earlier on Tuesday, the protesters stayed on the streets late into the night Videos on social media showed some clashes with police

The main draw will take place on Wednesday morning ahead of the congressional assembly, with the President himself speaking in front of a protest outside the White House dubbed the “March for Trump / Save America” ​​Thousands are expected to attend the event by organized by the pro-Trump group Women for America First

The president has made a number of unsuccessful efforts to overcome his loss through both legal proceedings and attempts to convince state lawmakers to ignore the voting in their states and appoint pro-Trump voters as On his final Hail Marys, the president has tried to revise his supporters over the January 6 certification, claiming that it provides the opportunity for Congress to overthrow the election with Democrats in control of the house and dozens of GOP Senators who resist the effort, this conspiracy is also doomed

The President has also overshadowed Vice President Mike Pence, who will preside over the ceremony, claiming he can intervene in the count, but the ceremonial role does not give Pence such powers

Even so, Trump’s most ardent supporters have followed his call In anticipation of possible violence, Washington, DC.Mayor Muriel Bowser mobilized the National Guard and increased the police presence

The nation’s capital saw similarly large and sometimes chaotic protests earlier this year after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd

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World News – USA – DC. Police make multiple arrests ahead of the big protest against Trump

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