Although the coronavirus pandemic continues, there are reasons to be grateful.We asked a few people, including Biddeford Fire Chief Scott Gagne and others shown here, for their thoughts on this this year Russell Caron photo / Courtesy of the Biddeford Fire Department

Thanksgiving is a little different this year, but the foundation of the holiday remains the same.There are reasons to be grateful, so we reached out to the community and asked some people what they are thankful for this year, as they said in their own words:

“I am grateful for many things The past year has been extremely difficult for me personally and professionally. Every day seems to present us with new challenges. As first responders, we have the task of doing our best to balance our private life with ability to be there for the public in times of need

As we move through this pandemic, I’m trying to see something good in it Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to help my community I am grateful that the members of our department can give everything to each person they help every day I am grateful to be part of such a great team of professionals who face the challenges they are faced with day in and day out and who excel in getting their jobs done. I am also grateful to see the good in people that come out of these uncertain times. I am grateful and proud of an organization like that Belonging to Biddeford Fire Department and the City of Biddeford

Personally, I am grateful for my family and friends I’ve used the challenges of last year to see how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I have As we all move through these challenging times in our lives, it is important that we pause and See things from a 360 degree perspective and not just get angry and sad.We have to focus on the good things and see how grateful we should be for what we have and for the things that really matter in our lives are ”

The Biddeford Fire Department is open until November 3rd349 emergency medical calls and 1240 fire calls responded 20

“I am grateful to the amazing citizens of this community who stepped forward when we asked for help to our neighbors in the pandemic. We never had to stop serving for a single day because of those who were at low risk helped us provide meals and regular assistance to those we serve. They also respond to requests for items to make life easier for others. Biddeford and Saco are generous communities ”

Since the pandemic closed in mid-March, the Seeds of Hope Neighborhood Center has 343 individuals more than 7000 meals served more than 8000 since January

“As we firmly move into the holiday season, I took the time to reflect on the past year. It was certainly a bumblebee of pandemic, politics and prejudice. It has our beliefs, norms, expectations and traditions in one way Question asked that has not been seen in more than three generations.The truth of 2020 is that we are witnessing a life changing story in the making and that writing history is not easy, smooth, or quick, most importantly, it is never without losses while we are at Remembering those who have been lost, those who struggle and those who live in fear, we must also take stock and be grateful for the gifts that 2020 has given us, perhaps surprisingly, there were many for our small-town library at the Maine coast

As the Library Director of the Libby Memorial Library, I am incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our city council and board of trustees. Your support has allowed us the flexibility to determine how best to work so that both staff and library users are safe for the amazing Libby staff who took up the topics presented by COVID-19 and thus sparked innovations. Previously unexplored approaches to areas such as programming and material delivery have been developed to meet our customers’ needs in new and creative ways occasionally more effective than before the pandemic I’m grateful we’re not alone with this as Maine has a plethora of incredible public libraries, all of whom work hard to provide the best service possible At the same time, information and support is shared with other libraries.I am grateful for the duplicate and sometimes triple-checked guidance from the Maine State Library staff, who always stay on the mountain of information that occasionally threatens to bury us. First and foremost, I am our amazing library users so, so, so grateful Despite these difficult, often emotionally stressful times, our patrons have been wonderful, supportive, patient and most of all they have stayed, returned or joined the cool kids and become brand new members of the library! “

“This year I am especially grateful for the positive and proactive community spirit so many people in the Biddeford and Saco area – and so many members of our Chamber of Commerce – feel and act every day on this disease that we are all dealing with is scary and scary We all had to change the way we work We have had to physically distance ourselves since March It would have been understandable if everyone had simply retired to the safety of their own home and focused solely on staying healthy as a top priority stay

But that didn’t happen. Despite all the challenges, we’ve seen countless examples of community and chamber members proactively and creatively proactively and safely having positive effects on the community. Countless meals have been prepared and delivered to first responders. Citizens’ organizations proactively have protective equipment and needs Bought and Donated for the Needy Almost everyone has diligently followed CDC guidelines to keep us all safe The people of Biddeford and Saco have gone out of their way to support our local businesses and help them when they need it most And everyone had to make the necessary adjustments to keep our economy functioning safely. This year I am more grateful than ever that so many people and so many Chamber members have turned to what is needed and what is necessary and not done everything to make a difference

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World News – USA – Despite the COVID-19 storm clouds, there are reasons to be thankful