rappers Quavo and Saweetie sparked breakup rumors after they stopped following each other on social media

Eagle-eyed fans noted Monday that 27-year-old Saweetie hadn’t followed the 29-year-old Migos artist, and he soon returned the move, leading fans to believe the couple broke up

“If Saweetie and Quavo really broke up love is not real,” wrote one fan of the couple, another added: “Didn’t Quavo and Saweetie broke up !? And why am I crying? “

Saweetie also received multiple tweets from those searching for a recording with the “Tap In” artist after allegedly being single

The Bay Area native was recently heard on the “Respectfully Justin” podcast that she doesn’t like “liars” in relationships – but doesn’t specifically call anyone

When asked what was the most disrespectful thing a man has ever done to her, she replied, “I think it’s lying It’s the principle, I don’t like liars”

A normally very open-minded Saweetie added fuel to the fire and avoided questions about her relationship with Grammy-nominated Spitter when she sat down on “Leah’s Lemonade” recently “

The couple began dating quietly in 2018 Saweetie confirmed their relationship on the talk show “The Real”

Talking to PageSix last year about his love for beauty and her image in hip-hop, Quavo said, “She speaks to the pretty college girls who go the regular route. You don’t have to be a stripper, you don’t have to be a bartender You don’t have to take the Instagram model route ”

“I have a feeling she’s speaking for these lovely teenage girls who listen to their parents and go to school,” he added. “She’s ready, she’s grown as an artist, you’ll see I’m excited for her ”

Neither Saweetie nor Quavo have confirmed their split. Page 6 has reached out to representatives from both parties

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World News – USA – Have Quavo and Saweetie split up? Why fans think they’re over

Source: https://pagesix.com/2021/03/18/did-quavo-and-saweetie-break-up-why-fans-think-theyre-over/