After winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, the legendary quarterback did what many people do to celebrate: Tom Brady got drunk. Very, very drunk on looks, according to a recently released viral video that was already in making the rounds on social media

After Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February, in which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Florida 31-9, the Bucs joined their families for their grand win in a “socially distant boat parade Home state Brady, 43, was accompanied by his wife Gisele Bündchen and their daughter, while right-handed Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski also joined in all the fun, according to E! Online, Brady made his way to the parade with a new boat valued at over $ 2 million

While on his party boat, TMZ reports that Brady was having * so * much fun that he decided to toss his Lombardi trophy off the boat but don’t worry, he didn’t throw it in the water – according to TMZ, he lifted it Quarterback “returned the trophy three or four times before unloading it 5 to 10 meters to his teammates on a nearby boat,” so the trophy is still safe with Brady … for now!

However, what really kept fans entertaining on social media was this clip that was shared after Brady stepped off the party boat.The clip you can see above was posted by Tampa Bay Times sports reporter Joey Knight and is already over 20 at the time of writing000 Likes and Counts The video featured Brady stumbling around so many times he needed someone to hold him up – talk about how to get your sea legs!

Fans shared the video on social media, commenting on Brady’s wild trip to Florida, “Tom Brady is still better than half the league’s QBs,” joked a social media user on Twitter

While Brady hasn’t yet commented on the viral video himself, he shared a clip from the Super Bowl Boat Parade on his own Instagram, the post featured a montage of his winning throw with his Buccaneers teammates Ryan Griffin and Blaine Gabbert

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World News – USA – Drunk Tom Brady has just thrown his Super Bowl trophy off a boat. & the video goes viral