Coming 2 America has been a continuation of development for quite a while.It is one of those concepts that we knew were taken into account when editing the script It just took a long time to finish the screen Any movie that lasts that long will go through a lot of changes as development progresses, and Coming 2 America is certainly no exception.While the core story has remained intact, Eddie Murphy recently shared with CinemaBlend that The original plan was to cast Tracy Morgan as his son

At Coming 2 America, Eddie Murphy’s character of Prince Akeem discovers that he has a son, which leads him to return to America to bond with him.This core always seems to have been the idea for the sequel, but as Eddie Murphy explained to our own Eric Eisenberg at the beginning of the idea and for several years after that, the expectation was that Tracy Morgan would play the role of Son Murphy Declared

Tracy Morgan would be my son. Three years after writing, Tracy was still the son. What changed was we met with Tracy a few times and said, ‘Tracy looks the same age as me. How are we going to be make that credible?

Of course, selling Tracy Morgan as Eddie Murphy’s son would probably have been a huge challenge, Eddie Murphy is only seven years older than Morgan, and while they both look pretty good for their ages, Morgan doesn’t look so young to be easy could be considered Murphy’s son instead, the film cast Jermaine Fowler, who was nearly 30 years younger than Murphy, as its son.Also, Tracy Morgan took on a role as the boy’s uncle, so it’s certainly a more realistic place to put Morgan, it’s understandable why you should Tracy Morgan would like to cast Eddie Murphy’s son, but even for a comedy there is a lifting of disbelief that would likely make the entire movie feel strange

Of course, now it’s time to think about what a version of Coming 2 America with Tracy Morgan as the son would look like.Jermaine Fowler is funny, but Tracy Morgan has a pretty unique style that he brings to his comedy and you can be sure that no one intended to play against Type in Coming 2 America in the trailers of the film, we see Tracy Morgan’s noisy character clashing with the much more reserved Prince Akeem, and we can only assume that was originally planned for the sun to be like this / p>

It would surely have resulted in another Coming 2 America, better or worse, we’ll never really know. We’ll have to see the sequel for ourselves before we can even imagine Coming 2 America will be on May 5th Published March on Amazon Video

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