House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi is promoting the Democratic Political Reform Act, HR1

in front of the Capitol on Wednesday

Since the Republican Party largely accepts the disinformation of the elections, the suppression of the voters and the rule of the minorities, it is up to the Democrats to uphold the standard of democracy. To do this, they must have an anti-democratic tradition of a quasi-democratic body, the filibuster of the Senate, quit

The House on Wednesday adopted the Democrats’ response to the party’s authoritarian exodus towards the party in the form of HR1, an omnibus of elections, restructuring and campaign finance reforms, your fate, and perhaps that of American democracy, depends on the willingness of the Democrats starting to use the majority they narrowly won in the Senate, where their 50 seats represent 415 million more Americans than the equivalent Republican caucus

Democratic San Jose Rep Zoe Lofgren, chairman of the House of Representatives committee responsible for drafting legislation, pointed out in a press conference ahead of the House of Representatives vote on the frustrated will of the population to address climate change and raise the minimum wage “Nothing else happens if the voices of the people cannot be heard, “she said

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, clutching a miniature American flag on the steps of the Capitol, agreed. “It reminds me of how it must have felt in Valley Forge,” said the San Francisco Democrat at stake ”

It’s no great exaggeration Pelosi and her colleagues stood at the scene of the violent uprising that delayed Congress confirming the election of President Biden just two months ago, while further security threats canceled a House of Representatives meeting scheduled for Thursday Though the mob who visited the capital on 1 Jan 6 stormed 6 Former Vice President literally challenged Mike Pence’s neck and embodied the party’s stance by taking up the false allegations of electoral fraud that fueled violence in a comment released Wednesday and joining former President Donald Trump in attacking HR1

Republican-led lawmakers have now begun postponing bills to restrict access to ballot papers and stifle participation. You can also count on the party to have several members of the House’s slim Democratic majority in two years’ time ousted, not by convincing voters, but by acting nakedly in partisan politics, which already gives Republicans an advantage over their share of the vote of up to 22 seats or double the current democratic lead, according to an analysis by the Associated Press A restoration of control of the Republican Congress, in turn, could mean that the next attempt to un-certify a legitimate presidential election is successful

HR1 would curb this anti-democratic movement by setting national standards for access to ballot papers, making it easier for voters to register across the country, requiring early voting, and banning excessive barriers to postal voting.It would also make large political donations more transparent and create a suitable system for small donations for congressional campaigns and it would mandate independent California-style redistribution commissions to prevent partisan gerrymandering

While these measures would empower voters regardless of their policies, they are unlikely to receive much support from a party increasingly dedicated to voter suppression and capable of overturning elections that got attention on directed what is left of the filibuster, which effectively needs 60 votes to pass most of the laws and therefore would doom HR1 in the Senate

To reverse that tradition, the more conservative Democrats like Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, and Dianne Feinstein of California who defended the filibuster would have to agree to it time for this and other Democrats to do their label justice to become and instead defend democracy

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