Phoenix Suns security guard Devin Booker (1) drives to the basket in front of New Orleans Pelicans security guard Josh Hart (3) and security guard Kira Lewis Jr (13) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in New Orleans, Friday, Feb. 19, 2021 (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert)

When news broke about the Western Conference’s All-Star Reserves, there was some notable frustration at the Phoenix Suns security guard Devin Booker being banned from the line-up

LeBron James from Los Angeles was quick on Twitter, calling Booker the most disrespectful player in the NBA, while countless others in the league used social media to express their displeasure at the Guardian’s all-star nudge / p>

That included ESPN analyst and 14-year-old NBA vet Kendrick Perkins, who doubled the ridiculousness that Booker is not an All-Star

“I feel just like you, I’m angry,” Perkins told Arizona Sports’ Doug & Wolf on Wednesday. “Right now, if you’re a Phoenix Suns fan or a Devin Booker fan, you should be angry

“Devin Booker is playing one of the best basketball players of his career right now. Under control, he shoots 50% off the field, averaging 25 points per game, and he does it in the system. He doesn’t force anything Here it is, this is the second year in my opinion in consequence that he was insulted ”

The biggest blow to Booker over the past few seasons has been the Suns’ overall record rather than the Guardian’s individual performance.But with the team sitting between 20 and 10 and in fourth place in the Western Conference, that excuse is no longer valid and during Booker’s numbers are slightly lower than in the previous season, the average of the guard is still 247 points, 38 rebound and 43 assists in 345 minutes per game

“This is the problem I have with the All-Star voting. The goal posts are moved every year For a minute we hear, “Oh, the problem is they didn’t win, that’s why we didn’t vote for him,” Perkins said. “Right now the Phoenix Suns are a top 5 team in the Western Conference and he still will not elected?”

“We have to start having people in these rooms when the votes come in to make sure they’re not tampered with because there’s no reason, by no means, that no one can tell me that Devin Booker isn’t should do“I’m not over Zion [Williamson],” added Perkins. “Zion played some phenomenal basketball but they didn’t win I think that’s what bothers me more than anything that Devin Booker sacrificed a lot

“Devin Booker could go out and take 30 pictures a night but he doesn’t. He was efficient and plays in the system He plays on the defensive, Phoenix Suns are among the top 10 defenses in the league They rank in every statistical Top 10 category And they win high-level games ”

As for the thought that Booker might want to gamble elsewhere in order to possibly get more credit? Perkins doesn’t see that a bit

“He reminds me of Kobe Bryant and when I say I speak about his mentality and how he can honestly put the ball in the bucket … When he kicks the floor, Devin Booker thinks he’s the best every night Player is on the ground He believes he can rightly score with the best

“When I look at Devin Booker I don’t really see him as a man who wants to leave a franchise like Phoenix. He’s already gone through the tough times and now times are starting to get better … Right now, she is winning and the future is rosy … I picked the Phoenix Suns to make the top 5 in the Western Conference but the way they play that high-level basketball on both ends of the floor If they play this way in the postseason, we may have them ”

as favorites for the title towards the end of the year

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