Allegations that President Donald Trump signed the Insurrection Act and exercised his powers went viral on social media with thousands of Twitter users on Sunday night sharing the claim less than a week after the storming of that Capitol

At the time of writing, several posts making the allegation have been shared thousands of times on the platform, permanently banning President Trump last week because of the perceived risk of “further incitement to violence” “

A number of commentators have called Wednesday’s events an “insurrection” and accused the Commander-in-Chief of allegedly instigating protests at a rally earlier that day

NBC News also reported Monday that House Democrats want to impeach Trump on charges of “inciting insurrection,” an impeachment vote could take place later this week

The Insurrection Act was signed by Pres Trump last night, according to multiple sources Reliable source is Michael Jaco, a former Navy Seal who just announced this on his YouTube channel Vatican, Italy, Germany, Pakistan, all foreign related Interventions: https: // tco / WEorGuIz1k

Several social media users have claimed that Trump signed the Insurrection Act on either Saturday or Sunday evenings over the weekend

“I heard the INSURRECTION ACT was signed. MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAY,” an unverified account tweeted Sunday night at the time of writing, the post was over 15 years oldLiked and shared 000 times

Another user claimed the Insurrection Act was signed “by multiple sources” The account then quoted a former Navy Seal on a YouTube channel as a “reliable source” on the matter

“The insurgency law was signed last night,” tweeted another account. “Fence installed around the [White House], no-fly zone activated and 7000 soldiers in DC “

TRUMP signed the insurrection law yesterday evening, according to Simon Parkes. I know Simon and he is in direct contact with the Trump team

Before the president could use the powers conferred on him under the Insurgency Act, he first had to issue a formal proclamation calling on the insurgents to disperse

According to a 2006 Congressional Research Service research report, the president must order insurgents to disperse within a set time frame.If this order is not followed, the president has the authority to use troops to deal with the problem through executive order to solve

The act was last brought during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992 at the request of former California Governor Pete Wilson, George HW. Bush announced on Jan. May 1992 issued a proclamation in which he ordered all rioters to disperse, “to retire peacefully” and to cease all acts of violence and unrest

The viral allegations that Trump signed the Insurrection Act over the weekend are not backed up by evidence.It is a legal requirement to make a proclamation before invoking powers invested in the president under the law and there is no evidence for Trump signing the Insurrection Act over the weekend

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