Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) made one thing clear: The GOP is Still Former President TrumpDonald TrumpNoem Promotes Coronavirus Response in South Dakota, Knocks Down Bans in CPAC Speech On The Trail : Cuomo and Newsom – a story of two contested governors McCarthy: “I would bet my house” GOP takes back the lower chamber in the party by 2022 MORE

The three-day meeting in Orlando, Florida: Members of the GOP grassroots coalition were full of praise for Trump, without much opposition and limited by a one-hour speech by the former president

The gathering also featured rising Republican stars, including Florida Gov Ron DeSantisRon DeSantisNoem Promotes Coronavirus Response In South Dakota, Strikes Bans In CPAC Speech Sunday Shows Preview: 2024 Hopefuls Gather At CPAC; House Happened to Coronavirus Relief; Vaccination efforts continue Golden statue of Trump at CPAC mocked online MORE (R) and Missouri Sen Josh HawleyJoshua (Josh) David HawleySunday Shows Preview: 2024 Hopefuls Gather At CPAC; House Happened to Coronavirus Relief; The vaccination efforts will continue Texas Attorney General meets Trump ahead of CPAC’s release The memo: CPAC fires MORE (R) in 2024 with a platform to test the political waters ahead of possible offers for 2024

Speakers regularly praised the former president over the weekend, a gold statue of Trump even rolled out to be on display on Friday, and he received the award for delivering the conference’s closing speech

The former president was greeted with chants and applause from the audience on Sunday before delivering a speech that lasted more than an hour and was punctuated by cheers

He tossed cold water on the idea of ​​forming a new party and teased the possibility of a presidential bid in 2024

“We’re going to take the house back first, and then a Republican president will triumphantly return to the White House, I wonder who that will be,” he said

The CPAC’s straw poll found that 55 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump in a hypothetical 2024 primary, while 95 percent said they wanted the Republican Party to continue Trump’s agenda and politics

The same CPAC straw poll found that a sizable number of Republicans would like a new face to carry the party’s banner in 2024 – but one that drives Trump’s agenda

Trump led the field with 55 percent support, followed by DeSantis with 21 percent and South Dakota Gov Kristi NoemKristi Lynn NoemNoem Promotes Coronavirus Response In South Dakota, Strikes Bans In CPAC Speech Sunday Shows Preview: 2024 hopefuls gather at CPAC; House Happened to Coronavirus Relief; Vaccination efforts continue Golden statue of Trump at CPAC mocked online MORE (R) at 4 percent In a poll that ruled Trump out, DeSantis led by a wide margin of 43 percent, followed by Noem at 11 percent by Donald Trump Jrhad 8 percent support while former Secretary of State Mike PompeoMike PompeoUS information: Saudi Crown Prince approved Khashoggi who killed the golden statue of Trump in the CPAC mocked Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzNoem promoting the coronavirus response in South Dakota and hitting Lock in CPAC speech on Sunday shows preview: 2024 hopefuls gather at CPAC; House Happened to Coronavirus Relief; The vaccination efforts will continue The Texas attorney general encounters ties with Trump before the CPAC appearance MORE (R-Texas) hit 7 percent

“So you see again how important it is for everyone here – the grassroots, the grassroots of the Conservative movement, the grassroots of the Republican Party – it’s either President Trump or a Trump candidate,” announced pollster Jim McLaughlin Poll Results at CPAC, said

Speculation got around as DeSantis launched a 2024 run The governor, who has been closely associated with Trump, has received praise from Conservatives for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, in fact, CPAC organizers said they had Orlando for his Location selected this year as much of the state remained open during the pandemic

With Trump as its central figure, the Conservative Assembly specifically ruled out any conflicting views on the former president

The CPAC’s straw poll found that only 3 percent of respondents said the GOP should change Trump’s direction, while 2 percent said they weren’t sure

A number of speakers at the event, including Trump Jr and Florida Rep. Matt GaetzMatthew (Matt) GaetzGrenell hints at a possible offer from the California governor to get Trump back on the CPAC political scene Former Trump officials have run for political office MORE have called for priority challenges against the former president’s critics, including Chair of the House Republican Conference of Representatives, Liz CheneyElizabeth (Liz) Lynn CheneyMcCarthy: “I would bet my house” GOP will take the lower chamber back in 2022 The memo: CPAC fires starting weapon at 2024 Trump Jr: There are ‘many’ GOP incumbents who should be challenged MORE (Wy)

Cheney was particularly absent from the conference, as was Sen. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyThe memo: CPAC fires starting weapon at 2024 Trump at CPAC 2022 GOP primary wars Democrats fight to save the minimum wage MORE (Utah), a former Republican presidential candidate and winner of the CPAC straw poll 2012

Trump himself took the opportunity to beat his GOP critics by screening in his speech any Republican who voted to indict or convict him, saving Cheney special anger

“And the warmonger, the person who loves to see our troops fight, Liz Cheney,” Trump said. “Hopefully they’ll get rid of them in the next election. Get rid of them all”

Trump also warned of the Republican disagreement, slapping what he called “Republicans by name only”

“If the Republicans don’t stick together, the RINOs we are surrounded with will destroy the Republican Party,” he said

Despite the impact, he faced his Jan 6 at the Stop the Steal rally in Washington and the subsequent Capitol uprising, Trump continued to make false claims about the general election

Trump said several times in his address that he won the 2020 election and that it was “stolen” from him

The CPAC audience seemed to be enjoying Trump’s false claims and once sang, “You won”

It wasn’t just Trump making the wrong statements. Numerous speakers throughout the event made the same claims. In fact, the Right Side Broadcasting Network, which broadcast the event live, interfered during a panel discussion and urged viewers to “To do your own research”

The speakers spoke without evidence about “late night ballots” and democratic groups working to suppress the GOP turnout in Georgia

Trump’s allegations of widespread electoral fraud have been rejected by more than 60 courts and his own Department of Justice, numerous reports in swing states also found no widespread fraud, stating that President BidenJoe BidenNoem announcing the coronavirus response in South Dakota and the CPAC – Speech On The Trail: Cuomo and Newsom Blocked – A story of two contested governors, Biden celebrates vaccine approval but warns of recent improvement reversed ‘MORE the winners’
The comments come as Republican lawmakers across the country work to come up with proposals that would introduce more voting restrictions after Trump’s defeat last year

“It cannot be denied that the electoral rules in almost every swing state have been illegally changed at the last minute and the procedures rewritten by local politicians contrary to state legislation as mandated by the United States Constitution “Said Trump

This year’s CPAC has shown that Trumpism will remain at the center of the Republican Party, whether or not Trump is high on the list

The former president called Trumpism a conservative philosophy that promotes strong boundaries and fiscal and cultural conservatism

“Trumpism means strong boundaries,” Trump said. “It means law enforcement This means very strong protection for the second amendment”

“It means support for the forgotten men and women who have been exploited for so many years,” he continued

The rising stars invited to the meeting also appeared to embody Trump’s political philosophy, including DeSantis and Noem

Furthermore, Trump and the conference continued to warn of the threat of so-called socialism, painting Biden and the entire Democratic Party as the radical left

“We will be united and strong like never before. We will save and strengthen America, and we will fight the onslaught of radicalism and socialism, and indeed it all leads to communism once and for all”

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