Cam Newton isn’t here for disregard, and neither is the social media landscape, which promptly phoned a click-loving kid who missed the opportunity to hone their talents

An NFA 7v7 East Regional player that played in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this weekend set up a trash social chat with the New England Patriots quarterback, the video circulated on Sunday Viewers noted the teen’s disregard and how well Newton had handled the episode

The young soccer player calls out to Newton and tells him he’s been poor since he was about to become a free agent. The quarterback who went on the sidelines comes back and replies, “I’m rich” Then asks he where his father is to talk to him

Newton later replied to the interaction on Instagram, explaining why he asked about the boy’s father and his motivation for attending the soccer camp.The post also featured an expanded video of Newton’s interaction with the young player

“Instead of talking to a child or walking back and forth, I wanted to have a man-to-man conversation with his father !!” Newton wrote … The truth is that I make a positive impact on children’s lives and make no mistake “

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Newton is currently # 15 on Spotrac’s list of active players in all-time revenue, the former Heisman winner has had a No. 1 earned more than $ 122 million in contract money 1 the 2011 NFL draft of the Carolina Panthers signed a one-year contract with the Patriots last off-season that was worth up to $ 7 million and becomes a free in March -Agent, unless he signs again

These revenues do not include income from sponsorship and partnership deals with companies like Under Armor, Gatorade, and Downy, according to Forbes, he made approximately $ 5 million in 2020 endorsements alone

Those certainly aren’t numbers for poor men and even if they were, even if Newton blew all his money up and made headlines, yelling at the guy for it while peers hold phones up to them isn’t cool To capture and share that’s the lowest of the lowest no matter how it gets cut, not to mention this particular goal of taking time out of his off-season and family life to help out the closest group of soccer stars behind him

Newton is in camp because his Cam Newton Foundation is sponsoring teams that are competing. He’s a practical approach to the teams and was with them all weekend

The interaction between Newton and a player whose team is not clear but presumably does not belong to a Newton team began its way through the Twitter sphere on Sunday

It was overwhelmingly bad for the gamer who apparently wanted to go viral but is a teenager who made a bad name for himself in the eyes of social media users

He should probably ask him how to become an MVP in the league you probably want to play in first 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Smh https: // tco / QHj0hYgw1X

Imagine getting close enough to speak to Cam Newton at a soccer camp and wasting it like this: https: // tco / bDMOQj6NJY

These kids are wild instead of asking advice from a former MVP and guy who made $ 100 million, they are trying to go viral, I’m sure my attitude is making me old or mellow 🤷🏽 ‍♂️ https: // tco / vG2c8sa3AC

You really are going to chase Cam Newton like that? ?? People would dream of having the career he has and all you want to do is call him a “free agent” Foh https: // tco / VuHSmDDWB4

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