ABC’s The Bachelor franchise has recently come under fire on social media since contestant Rachael Kirkconnell was beaten up by fans for attending a racist antebellum-themed party in 2018.The allegations prompted Bachelor Nation Not only Kirkconnell but also the franchise host Chris Harrison got the brunt of it when he defended Rachael in an interview with ExtraTV’s Rachel Lindsay, a former contestant, Taylor Nolan, got over the The injustices BIPOC contestants faced on the show was extremely vociferous, under attack when some of their old tweets with racist comments recently resurfaced on Learn About Taylor Nolan’s Tweets

Taylor Nolan was one of the contestants from Nick Vall’s season of The Bachelor and was also featured on Bachelor in Paradise in the past, having often rubbed many viewers the wrong way with her strong personality and opinions expressed, despite having been for some time is no longer represented in the franchise, Taylor was active in Bachelor Nation and quickly recalls candidates and leads over questionable behavior

However, fans recently spotted some tweets from Taylor’s past that turned out to be rather problematic, to say the least, “When you see a very ugly Asian running across campus in very badly dressed with their backpack on wheels,” one reads Many fans noted that prejudice against Asians seemed to be a common thread in Taylor Nolan’s Twitter handle. Another of her tweets was, “You literally can’t understand what the Chinese woman is saying if you do your toes,” The Anti-Asian Comments did not go down well with the fans and were not in time, as racially motivated violence and harassment against Asians are currently on an upswing

However, it is not her anti-Asian comments that create outrage, even the African American community has been the subject of her ridicule, according to Screenrant, 28-year-old Taylor Nolan had posted another hurtful tweet in the past and it has now been deleted She casually made racist and insensitive comments stating that her stomach looked like a little African kid. She then went on to say that having slaves would be cool

On further investigation, it was found that most of Taylor’s racist tweets were created between 2011 and 2013, so some time ago, but they still seem deaf if they are from someone who is currently using his platform, to exclaim racism Rachael Kirkconnell apologized after racism allegations surfaced against her on Jan. On March 25th, Nolan took to her Instagram and vented her racist tweets in Instagram stories, and in an Instagram post she also revealed that she had received death threats since the tweets appeared

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World news – USA – Former Bachelor candidate Taylor Nolan comes under fire for her racist tweets