If you could pick any of the 435 House members to throw hands with, Colin Allred would be at the bottom of the list

Allred, the second Democrat to rule the Dallas area in Aug. Representing Texas Congressional District is an attorney who served in the office of General Counsel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development But before Allred went to law school and entered government he was a 6-1,238 pound linebacker, of the four seasons he played with the Tennessee Titans. He’s only 37 years old and still looks pretty fit

On Wednesday afternoon, Allred was shaken by the Capitol mob occupation and wrote to his wife, “Whatever happens, I love you” as the rioters neared the chamber of the house, he explained in an interview with the Dallas Morning News the horror of the situation and wondered what a perverted scenario the entire coup attempt was

“I cannot stress enough how inviolable the floor of the house should be,” said Allred. “It is a place of debate. It is a place of democracy. It is a place where we disagree. It is no place of violence ”

But in the wee hours of Thursday morning, as Congress neared the final vote, CBS News’s Grace Segers reported that Allred was almost embroiled in a little more violence on the floor of the house

Fighting Allred would have been a very bad idea for Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, a 63-year-old retired Navy doctor Not to demean Navy doctors, but to confuse it with a man who was in the NFL a decade ago , would have meant that the doctor had to quickly see another doctor

However, it turned out that the report was inaccurate Allred was trying to serve as a peacemaker while Harris yelled at being labeled a liar by Rep (correctly) Conor Lamb (D-Pa) in his keynote speech

You can hear Allred at the 5:05 mark on the C-SPAN video saying, “Are you serious?” and “Didn’t you have enough violence today?” He begged Harris and another member of the House to resign. Indeed, after Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi declared, “Gentlemen will vacate this chamber,” Allred can be seen returning to his seat

So who was the gentleman who nearly got hit with Harris? That would be … another congressman who would be a bad idea to fight, Rep Al Lawson of Florida, as reported by Alex Daugherty of the Miami Herald and confirmed by Deadspin

Lawson is not a former NFL player.He is a former college basketball player at Florida A&M whose name is now on the arena where the Rattlers play.He is also 72 years old, not 37 like Allred, so maybe that would be been a fair fight, but Lawson is still a former elite 6-7 athlete who is in pretty good shape

“Nothing physical has ever happened or would happen,” Harris said in a statement released Thursday, “Mr. Allred only stepped in to ease tension at the end of a difficult day”

While he spent much of his time lying about electoral fraud, which he yelled for being asked to which led to Lawson confronting him, Harris was honest about this, getting in touch with Lawson or Allred would be for him went as badly as any vote the House cast on Trumpian claims of a stolen election

Colin Allred

World News – USA – Former Titan Colin Allred is the last person you want to mess with on the floor of the house

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