Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany will officially join Fox News as an on-air commentator, the network said Tuesday

The news announced by Fox News host Harris Faulkner comes after weeks of inactivity from the network about McEnany’s role on the network

“It is my special pleasure to welcome Kayleigh McEnany to the Fox family,” said Faulkner, “We will see a lot more of her”

McEnany, a former CNN employee, was Trump’s 2020 re-election spokesperson and took over the role of White House press secretary last spring.She told reporters when she took the job, “I’ll never lie to you”

That promise was quickly criticized as McEnany routinely defended and promoted misleading statements by then-President Donald Trump. McEnany turned out to be one of Trump’s most ardent defenders during the election Fox News at one point cut off a press conference it held in early November at which it made false claims about voting irregularities

McEnany is the last person to walk through the revolving door between Fox News and the Trump White House: Sarah Sanders, another former press secretary, joined Fox News before making her way to Arkansas governor Larry Kudlow , Trump’s former business director, recently joined Fox Business Network, hosting his own show Hope Hicks, Trump’s longtime communications director, also joined Fox News’ parent company, Fox Corp, when she returned in 2018 as executive vice president and chief communications officer later returned to Trump’s White House

While Fox News was a bastion of pro-Trump rhetoric during its presidency, the two sides had an argument in the 2020 election after cable news broadcaster Joe Biden declared the Arizona winner in front of other media outlets and refused to do so entirely To do Take on his election campaign to question the integrity of the elections Several on-air personalities have embraced this conspiracy and are now being named in a lawsuit against the company

Though the network broke off from the president at the time, it has continued to seek support from its base at a time when it faces competition from smaller and more extreme competitors, particularly Newsmax and One America News Network, while its prime-time- Stars consistently pounding Democrats and progressives, fueling the nation’s culture wars, and providing a platform for lies and conspiracy theories. In January, Fox News expanded its opinion programming to 7pm ET

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