PARIS, FRANCE – 16 JANUARY: Neymar Jr from Paris Saint-Germain reacts during the Ligue 1 game between Angers SCO and Paris Saint-Germain at Stade Raymond Kopa on 16 January 2021 in Angers, France
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Epic Games is no stranger to major collaborations and crossover events in its insanely popular battle royale game Fortnite, we’ve seen events and cosmetics inspired by Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many other brands, as well as some major sports , including soccer (soccer) and American football

With the latest update, Chapter 2 – Season 6: Primal, Epic Games has announced its latest collaboration with Neymar Jr The soccer superstar is the first sports icon to join Fortnite and is considered a “key element” of the 6th Battle Pass Season

Unfortunately, most of the juicy details are being kept under wraps, I’m assuming that adding Neymar Jr to the game will involve some kind of character skin – maybe a special event too – but nothing has been revealed yet

The first teaser for season 6, the Neymar Jr replied, may have contained some clues as to what this outfit will look like Fans on social media are speculating that the skin is Neymar Jr’s iconic No. It also looks like the outfit has some kind of “original” twist

Epic acknowledged that sport is a “strategic vertical” for Fortnite’s evolving metaverse, and of course, Neymar Jr is – one of the most visited and popular soccer players – a perfect athlete to lead this ongoing partnership. In January, Fortnite introduced 23 global soccer teams to the game and also worked with soccer legend Pelé to emote his iconic “Air Punch” into the game bring

Football is not just Epic’s only focus in the sports world, Fortnite will continue to work with the NFL to add football-related content in 2021, although no details have been released.In the past, Fortnite has added cosmetic outfits designed by NFL Teams were inspired

The addition of Neymar Jr as a skin opens up all sorts of possibilities for the future. Epic can now tap into the Rabbid sports fandom and introduce some of the greatest and most popular athletes in the world to appeal to a whole new audience. Imagine a skin Inspired by Tom Brady or LeBron James The possibilities are endless and as a sports fan I’m excited about the future

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