Did Arin post another bad attitude? Reality looks much grimmer as Dan Avidan, as the secondary host of the GameGrumps and lead singer of the Ninja Sex Party, faces new allegations of abuse as new documents emerge pointing to sexual misconduct

On Sunday the 21st March, on the subreddit rantGrumps published, the claims come from a woman who wants to remain anonymous and has contacted the poster to share her story, according to her, she contacted Avidan privately in 2013 – Avidan would have been 34 years old at the time – as a minor fan and “Conversed with him” As she came of age, these conversations became sexual and “eventually led to her meeting him backstage at a Game Grumps live show that featured sexual activity a few weeks later stopped any contact from Dan ”

These claims are apparently confirmed by a screenshot of a conversation she had with Dan Avidan in which he sends her a video expressing sexual intent

The woman also gave permission to share the video she received from him Anyone who has seen Game Grumps or heard of Ninja Sex Party can attest that it is indeed Dan Avidan

This latest claim follows a pattern of behavior that has long been documented by other victims of Avidan’s behavior The Tumblr page: A Year by Dan contains a multitude of allegations from several women who had similar encounters with Avidan’s A Woman who themselves Reaching out to Avidan on Facebook after becoming a Game Grumps fan, wrote, “I’ve never regretted sex But I don’t know what to do with the shame I feel in old age. Just why did I do it? Why did I feel like I could do it? What he offered me meant I wanted to get on a bus and meet him in a hotel room in a small gross town in another country ‘

She added, “And then just stop because I’m so far away and he’s so busy and what I’m doing in comparison with my life and we all just end up losing touch with people and that’s how life works What does it mean when there are so many of us and so consistently ”

Additionally, Avidan’s former personal assistant and ex-girlfriend Kati Schwartz released a play a year ago called Bad People, which appeared to have a character based on Avidan’s play based on the #MeToo movement and draws hers Experiences of sexism and sexual abuse on A character within the piece – dubbed “John” who is portrayed as a popular musician with a “large Internet following” – appears to display behavior consistent with other allegations women made against Avidan have

While this is just a play, and it may be a fiction, Schwartz classified the play as “vulnerable, remembered and healed” in an interview with Dixon Place and “vulnerable” according to the Reddit post and much of the text used in the piece was once part of a Tumblr blog she wrote in 2017 ”

[UPDATE] Following these new allegations, Schwartz also posted on her Instagram story: “To be clear, Dan Avidan is a dangerous man and a [predator] I won’t answer any more questions, but there it is, folks Let my play and my writing speak for themselves “Bad People seemingly confirmed the idea that their game detailed their relationship with Avidan and their time with Game Grumps

Neither Arin Hanson, the official Game Grumps channel, nor anyone close to Avidan has commented on these allegations

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World News – USA – Dan Avidan of Game Grumps accused of caring for underage fans

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