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No 8 Cincinnati entered the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta with the chance of winning No. Reach 1 9 Georgia, finish a perfect season and make a big statement not just for the AAC but for the entire group of five This statement was not made but it was exciting anyway The Bulldogs got the Bearcats 24-21 in a phenomenal Opening act for the bowl action on Saturday exceeded

Georgia kicker Jack Podlesny scored a 53-yard field goal with two seconds to go after quarterback JT Daniels and the Georgia offensive landed on the edge of field goal reach, making a 44-yard drive with Completed eight games without timed out, which included five direct completions from Daniels to save the Bulldogs from disaster Georgia filled the 22:21 lead with a safety in the final game of the game just for a good measure

Cincinnati shot in the second half when Alabama transfer Jerome Ford started in the middle for a 79-yard touchdown that put the Bearcats at 21-10 that proved valuable given Ridder and the offense outside of that Laufs struggled not only to connect drives, but even to achieve their first downs

Motivation was not an issue in this case – especially for Georgia The motivation of the SEC Eastern power did not seem to be lacking The broad receiver George Pickens, who ran back Zamir White and the rest of the Bulldogs offensive, came out with slamming pads resulting in a feverish first quarter that started with a bang in 2021

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TOUCHDOWN BULLDOGS 🙌Zamir White scores and holds up four fingers in honor of teammate James Cook, whose father died earlier this week BildTwittercom / MG54RkDeWe

Georgia’s drive stops within the 20-yard line An FG makes it 21-19 Cincinnati with less than seven minutes to play Cincinnati struggled to get something going in the second half. That has to change now.

Daniels to Jackson on the screen for 42 yards at Georgia’s first game of the ride that feels like it’s slipping off the Bearcats

Georgia’s defense, apart from the long Jerome Ford TD, was off in the second half. It only held Cincinnati for another three or so we thought The Bearcats were turning a fake boat from their own end of the field to the first down to bring

Bulldogs score on a 9 yard run, but the two point conversion isn’t good as Darrick Forrest beats them down # Bearcats: 21 | Georgia: 1613:20 in the game

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World News – USA – Georgia vs Cincinnati Score: No 9 Bulldogs Win Comeback Against No 8 Bearcats at Peach Bowl