It’s rare that the promotion of a Golden Globe nominated performance in a Golden Globe nominated film comes with an apology, but there aren’t too many films like Music

Kate Hudson virtually performed at her parents’ home on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Friday, it was fun when she moved her webcam to show the bed Kurt Russell had just napped in. The conversation centered on Hudson declaring her love for records (and lamenting the fact that her divorce was from Chris Robinson meant losing access to such a great library)

Despite a brutal take on by critics (23 on Metacritic, 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), the new film Music was nominated for Best Musical or Best Comedy, Golden Globe, and Hudson was nominated for Best Actress in the same category She Plays Zu, the freshly sober drug dealer who takes care of an autistic half-sister named Music, played by Maddie Ziegler The film was directed and co-written by Sia with new music and shot in 2017 VF.Richard Lawson) compared it to yesterday’s “smarmily well-intentioned Hollywood exercises in Issue-Peddling” “

The autistic community has received a lot of criticism After she and Jimmy Kimmel got the expected scores about Sia’s musical brilliance and how “beautiful and beautiful” they hit, he asked if the film’s intended message had got through

“I think when people see the movie they will see the amount of love and sensitivity that has been put into it,” she replied, but added that “it’s an important conversation, and not just about this one Film, but as a whole – about representation “

“It’s not a Soundbite conversation,” she continued, “it’s an ongoing and important dialogue about neurotypical actors who represent neurodivergent characters. It is important to be with people, with experts who know how to get around engages in a conversation I really encourage us to listen to “

When the first trailer for Music was released in late November, Sia was a bit more defensive to criticism on Twitter

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Kate Hudson

World News – USA – Golden Globe nominee Kate Hudson responds to “music” criticism