Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul has continued to make an impact on and off the ground throughout his career over the years as President of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Paul played a pivotal role saving the lives of former players by voting the organization to pay for their health insurance

The veteran playmaker mentioned that he wanted to give back to the people who paved the way for players like him to be successful in the league

“I said, ‘Hey, these people paved the way for us,” Paul said, “And they didn’t have all the resources, all the training, all the training staff and all that. So these guys played all the time and now they had to each other dealing with various injuries and things throughout your life, right? When it was first brought up and our Executive Committee talked about it, it was like, “Man, that would be huge, that would be great” And I say it to this day, when my term as union president is up, it will be the biggest for sure Be an achievement””

Before Paul held the position, ex-players were required to get health insurance, as noted by Hall of Famer Nate Archibald who claimed the players union tried to raise funds for health insurance back in the 1970s and his failure eventually led to his Former teammate at Oscar Robertson did everything possible to give players access to these benefits

Archibald eventually became one of the beneficiaries of Paul’s initiative when he underwent an NBPA-sanctioned heart screening at the age of 68 in 2016, despite a prior assumption of a clean health condition, his test results diagnosed him with amyloidosis, a protein build-up that allowed the proper functioning Function of the heart prevents

Two years later, Archibald finally received a heart transplant that was covered by NBPA insurance.Harvey Catchings, father of WNBA icon Tamika Catchings, was also diagnosed with a leaking heart valve that prompted him to have a heart transplant in 2019, which was carried out by The same insurance plan was covered

Other former players such as Spencer Haywood, Reggie Slater, Otto Moore, Chris Morris and Howard Smith thanked Paul and his projects as head of NBPA. that Chris Paul had on other people, definitely left an imprint for the rest of their lives

Chris Paul

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