It’s St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a day when people of all nationalities wear green and eat corned beef and cabbage, but what’s your favorite way to cook it?

For years I always thought the best way to cook corned beef was to cook it, it was easy, it took a while, but it was less time than in a saucepan

Then I found out that you can do it in the oven, you just braise it with beer and let it boil

A year my wife and I were both busy and didn’t want to mess with it all day, and we tried the crockpot method, we just put it in early in the day and let it cook all day, It’s been great, we’ve been doing it ever since

I asked you on twitter and most of the people who responded agreed that the crockpot is the way to go

We got an Instant Pot a couple of years ago and we’re always looking for new things to do with it, we don’t use it that much and it takes up a lot of counter space so we always try to justify having the things that we’ve cooked in it always turn out great, we’ve made ribs, chicken, and roasts, but we usually only use it to cook rice

So again, I’ve asked people on social media who have an Instant Pot if they’ve ever tried it looks like I might need to change my method again, some people said they had bad experiences but the most had a large turnout

Has anyone who has an instant pot ever made corned beef in it? It feels like this is a great way to do it. Has anyone ever tried? How do you do yours

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