Rust developer Facepunch Studios have teamed up with Twitch and a number of developers playing on the OfflineTV servers to give away some free cosmetics over the stream, dropping the following things you need to know:

Although Rust has been around since 2013, it has been blown up on Twitch in the past few weeks after a large number of developers gathered to play on the server of OfflineTV and friends

This first server was launched on 5 January reset, making way for two new servers that will be launched on Jan. January went live Even more developers joined in to play hardcore either in RP roleplaying or PvP combat between players

The new servers also coincided with Facepunch Studios, the developers behind Rust, adding Twitch drops so fans could get their hands on them – both in the form of streamer-themed rewards and regular ones Rust-drops like doors and burning barrels

If you want to get your hands on them, the process is pretty straightforward, all you have to do is link your Steam account to Twitch via the connection part of your account’s settings and then watch various Rust streamers for a few hours

Streamers that have their own rewards include Shroud, xQc, Pokimane, Mythos, JakeSepticEye, LilyPichu, Ludwig, Skyunno, and AuronoPlay – from hoodies and gun skins to chest skins and even door skins

There are also three general Rust rewards – a sofa, a red industrial door, and a burning hobo barrel – which are available for two, four, and four, respectively eight hours are earned

So @Twitch Drops are live! Unique items and skins with @xQc @TSM_Myth @pokimanelol @Jack_Septic_Eye @LudwigAhgren @LilyPichu @shroud @Sykkuno @auronplay! Link your accounts at https: // tco / OCjrHPeuwI and join in! ImageTwittercom / RjfZ4An1sq

The non-streamer drops – the sofa, the red industrial door and the burning hobo keg – can be claimed by observing each streamer whose drops are marked on their channel

You can earn streamer loot this way too However, to get yourself the cosmetics you really want, you may want to spend four hours watching their channel instead

The drops are only available until the 14th Available January 11th at 11:30 PM GMT / 6:30 PM EST / 3:30 PM PST / 12:30 PM CET They could be upgraded, but you can just as much watch Rust until then instead of testing your luck

Genshin Impact’s Lost Riches event is finally live and brings a lot of new content for players to empathize with. One of the new additions is that of the game’s first pet Here’s how to get one for free

Genshin Impact’s upcoming Lost Riches event not only brings lots of free Primogems, Mora and character experiences, but also allows players to unlock a free pet. Finally, Genshin Impact fans can roam the world of Teyvat with a companion by their side A total of three pets are on offer and only one of them can be claimed during the game’s Lost Riches event

We know about this upcoming feature as details of the update have been leaked online, but now players can finally put on their researcher’s hat and go on a treasure hunt

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact pets and how to get one for free is here

To take part in the event and claim your free Genshin Impact pet, you must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and have completed the quest, The Outlander That Catched the Wind. Then follow the instructions below:

Two new treasure locations are added every day, with a total of 14 unlocked for the duration of the event. Fortunately, finding treasure is incredibly easy thanks to the treasure hunter Seelie

This blue breath is given to each player and guides you to the treasure at each specified location. As you approach the location of the hidden treasure, the treasure-seeker Seelie begins to glow

As the Seelie’s light becomes more intense, head in the right direction.After finding the treasure of each area, players will receive iron coins, however, the mini Seelie pet cannot be purchased from the event shop until all 14 treasures have been discovered

Once all 14 treasures have been found, you can choose one of the mini sealie pets: Dayflower, Rose, and Curcuma While Genshin Impact’s pets don’t offer bonuses, they look pretty good

Now that you know how to claim your free Genshin Impact pet, check out the rest of our other tips and guides


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