Canadian comedy is the gift that is given time and time again.The nation that spawned comedy legends such as John Candy, Martin Short, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers has surprisingly begun the TV in recent years -Sitcom landscape to dominate Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek of course deserves the lion’s share of the praise here in the USBut with the series ending in 2020, Hulus Letterkenny will carry the torch as the standard-bearer for the Canuck comedy South of the Border Return season?

This year has been horrific, but luckily, two popular off-air Canadian sitcoms aren’t on the cursed 2020 bingo card.Letterkenny is back for a tenth season, and only a good part of season 11 is in the works too Executive producer Mark Montefiore spilled the beans on the future of the show in an interview with Sudbury in September, com Apparently the show was due to start on Aug. Season start but had to postpone production due to COVID-19 “Unfortunately, we had to postpone our production from this year to next year due to COVID-related insurance issues,” Montefiore told the publication, adding that the current plan is shoot seasons 10 and 11 in a row – assuming the show clears for production. “The scripts are amazing. This is going to be one of the best seasons,” the EP went on, presumably referring to season 10

Letterkenny, which originally made its debut on the Canadian network Crave, became the Hulu Original with Season 7 in 2019.Since then, the cult favorite series about the eponymous small farming town has seen a significant increase in interest abroad More and more international critics are singing praises of the show, praising it as a television masterpiece, and it’s unlikely that the buzz on the series will wear off anytime soon with two more seasons on the way

So you can breathe a sigh of relief, all of your Hicks and Skids fans, because it sounds like Letterkenny will make it by 2020 and let the Canadian comedy train roll by 2021


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