There has been every video chat accident anyone could have predicted over the past year, but a lawyer identified on-screen as Rod Ponton went viral on Tuesday for his’ kitten Zoom Filter mishap “During a virtual trial in Texas, pontoon appeared on the call at 349 Judicial District not as a meek attorney, but as a kitten as he and his assistant struggled to turn off the novelty filter

Judge Roy Ferguson, who chaired the hearing later said on Twitter, “Everyone involved handled it with dignity and the filtered lawyer showed incredible grace, true professionalism! “

IMPORTANT ZOOM TIP: If a child has used your computer, before joining a virtual hearing, check the zoom video options to make sure the filters are turned off. This kitten just got a formal announcement about a case in the 394 done (sound on) #lawtwitter #OhNo @zoom_ushttps: // tco / I0zaj0wu6K

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Cat Lawyer

World News – USA – Is this lawyer a cat?