ZOM gets an overall rating of 99 which means it scores more than 99% of the stocks

Zomedica Corp Ranks 85 in Healthcare Sector Healthcare ranks # 1 in 11 sectors

Analyzing Stocks Can Be Difficult There are tons of numbers and ratios, and it can be difficult to remember what they all mean and what is “good” for a given value. InvestorsObserver ranks stocks into eight different ones Metrics We rank most of our scores by percentile to make it easier for investors to understand. A score of 99 means the stock is more attractive than 99 percent of the stocks

Not only are these results easy to understand, but it’s also easy to compare stocks with one another. You can find the best healthcare stocks or search for the sector that has the highest average score

Total Score is a combination of technical and fundamental factors that make a good starting point for analyzing a stock. Traders and investors with different goals may have different goals and should consider factors other than heading count before making any investment decisions

The stock of Zomedica Corp (ZOM) is down -1389% while the S&P 500 is up 0.05% as of March 1427 o’clock on Tuesday, 9 February ZOM is – $ 0 lower37 from the previous closing price of USD 270 on a volume of 306760498 stocks over the past year, the S&P 500 is up 1687% while ZOM is up 1270. ZOM lost 59% – $ 008 per share the last 12 months

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World News – US – Is Zomedica Corp (ZOM) a Winner in Healthcare?

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