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Just as your family has traditions for the holidays, so do some of your favorite food chains For Krispy Kreme, St Patrick’s Day also marks the time of year when they bring back their green donuts, which feature the famous glazed flavor in a festive color This year you can only get them for two days

Fortunately, starting today (16 March if you lost track) go to your local Krispy Kreme and pick up your green donuts Offer lasts until tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, consider this your breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert plans

Better yet, while you can buy a dozen of the green donuts, or however many you need, you can get one for free too, if you buy it on Jan. March in green to Krispy Kreme, you’ll get a matching green donut for free. So put on your best goblin-approved outfit and meet Krispy Kreme Because free food is the best food anyway

If you want a little more to your glazed green donut, opt for one of Krispy Kreme’s seasonal offers in March The Lucky Gold Coin, Lucky Sprinkles, Lucky Unicorn and Lucky Leprechaun donuts are available and included all month green and white frosting, colorful sprinkles, and other edible decorations that will make you feel like you’ve hit gold, all of which means that tomorrow won’t just be St. Patrick’s Day, but that from now on it should also be known as the Day of Green Donuts Are you down or are you down?

Krispy Kreme

World news – USA – It’s your lucky day: you can get a free green donut from Krispy Kreme for St Patty’s