NBC musical drama Zoey Zoey Clarke’s extraordinary playlist, in which Jane Levy’s title Zoey Clarke suddenly sees her friends, family and coworkers breaking apart in song and dance numbers that capture her inner monologues and emotions, is nothing Other on TV It’s wonderfully cheesy and heartwarming work that is anchored by Levy’s remarkable dedication to the concept of each episode, she has to sell a fancy premise while balancing many different tones on a show that deals with material that is so serious is like losing a parent – and doubles as a karaoke machine for pop music.Before today’s season two premiere on NBC, Levy spoke to Vulture about walking the tightrope of a show, giving us a preview of what to expect in season two, and discussed some key moments from season one

You recently said on Twitter that the season one episode “Zoey’s Extraordinary Mistake” is your favorite thing you’ve ever done. Let’s start there. Why is that? I can do so much in those 42 minutes or however long it takes. I can sing and dance and play farcical comedy, romance, and some really sad, heartbreaking drama while singing pop songs and Christmas carols, I’m allowed to dance on tables, I’ll be by John Clarence Stewart kissed Sonically, this type of work is what I like to do as an actress, which … I don’t even really know how to describe it. It’s my sensitivity. It’s my taste. And I feel like I’m doing a really good job did

It distills the entire show in its broad spectrum. How scary is that? Or is that fear what you want? I was scared a lot last year, especially leading up to this episode. I’m not a trained dancer or singer, and there’s a lot to do. Before we shot Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, I thought, “This is one of those moments where it gets really bad if I don’t commit myself 100 percent”And I did. And I remember walking off set so embarrassed and everyone saying,” It’s really funny, “and I said,” I don’t know if it’s funny”I think people think it’s funny” My barometer is off, I guess what it feels like to do something internally and how it comes across You really have to trust your staff, and so do Austin [Winsberg, creator] and Mandy [ Moore, choreographer] and Jon [Turteltaub, director] This show was very scary I just felt like I was rested a lot on my shoulders and if I didn’t do it right it wouldn’t work. All of my previous fears, especially foresighted, were at the highest level

It has to be hard to know how people are going to react to it since musical theater is usually driven by an instant reaction, how does it feel different to do such wide musical numbers for cast and crew without knowing how it is will be accessible to a wider audience? Everyone is incredibly supportive, but I’m someone who tends not to believe in compliments that becomes therapy! [Laughs]

A lot of them have this year Trust me, that’s a good question Yeah, it’s hard to gauge right now that’s why there are directors I’m someone who as an actress I think directors are your most important collaborator and ally, Jon Turteltaub directing this episode I liked it so much We connected very quickly He has such a perverted sense of humor I trust him This is his episode

Zoey is the only one who can see other people sing, so her reactions are vital to the scene. How do you keep seeing interesting gigs? How do you make sure you’re not going too far while she’s listening or so quietly that she seems distant? From the beginning I designed this thing so that it wasn’t entirely scripted, that is, it’s like a physical sensation when people are singing I think that was key to this show – and what was as exciting about it when I was read the script for the first time – the device that gets you into the musical numbers is not traditional in the sense that characters suddenly feel so much that they have to break into songs, like this is like a mental illness or a superpower or whatever always happens through Zoey I think of Zoey as a projector and she projects the song I know it’s a little intoxicating when I talk about it

I like you have very emotional reactions to what you’re watching right now, especially if it’s your dad or one of the boys so that plays, from my point of view, it’s like the audience is Zoey, and through Zoey you experience the song the way Zoey does it. Jane must have an experience. For me I made these songs come from Zoey. It all just happens in her brain. I think it doesn’t get boring when I see people performing in front of me I watch my incredibly talented castmates Everyone is different Every song is different I am very personally affected by music which I think most people are The music plays when I look at it I always think of Zoey’s journey and her bow and where she is in these numbers you are heart songs you will teach Zoey something she has to do she has to respond to these things she hears and that is all part of listening

What is your favorite music number from the first season? “American Pie” [from the season one finale] comes to mind. It’s a wonderful way to end the season, and an incredible job by Mandy Moore, our cast, our ADs, and the cameraman. It was an amazing collaboration to do this reach

Have you ever been able to put a song you like on the show? Do you take inquiries? This is where I’m going to get in trouble because I’m going to say that Austin listens to some actors more than others [laughs] He doesn’t listen to me. There’s your headline [laughs]

Is there a reason? Have you tried getting into some really obscure stuff? Honestly, I don’t suggest songs that often It’s not really my wheelhouse I try to stay on my track I feel like I know a lot about acting but not about musical theater and not about pop music I try to think no I think not that a song I’ve ever requested made it wait, that’s not true! I suggested something that’s in season two, I suggested Nina Simone for one of the characters, and we made it

You mentioned that you didn’t have a musical theater background, but season one you have legends on the set like Bernadette Peters and Renée Elise Goldsberry.What did you make of these performances or learned from people who just so much about it know what you are doing here? We also have Alex [Newell] and Skylar [Astin] who are regulars, so I think they attracted Renée and Bernadette. We were all convinced they were both ready to be on our show. Austin was very impressed with Renée We pre-record most of our songs and we all sync them to them on set because it’s easier that way. You sound better in the studio than on set Bernadette came in and said, “No, I’m just going to sing, and she sang it each and every Times It was full body chills mouth open I couldn’t believe it happened And such a nice person I remember thinking: if these people want to do this, maybe it is good

Let’s talk a little about season two. You lost a centerpiece with Peter [Gallagher] Worried about how to get out of this arch without having this center? Yeah, absolutely thank goodness I’m not the writer of the show [laughs]

Did you break it in a way that would work for you without spoiling it? Yeah we’re still in the middle of shooting which is interesting because last year when the first season came out we were basically done so it’s interesting to press in the middle because it’s hard to see at times – just like I talked about like I can’t tell if something is landing or not while we’re doing the thing I’m still in the zone of tinkering and discovering and exploring It’s just different We not only lost Peter, Zoey did in episode 1 lost the mentor in Joan That doesn’t mean Lauren [Graham] will never be back, but at the beginning of season two, she lost two key people who led her, I feel very bad for Zoey, we’ll see how she struggles with that

And two strong brands for you to star in Peter and Lauren I’m not trying to scare you, but were you worried about how to replace such huge roles in an ensemble? How do you get past this fear? Just trust the team? For me it was less fear and more sadness I was really sad because I loved these characters so much I think if I had seen the show and hadn’t been there maybe Joan would have been my favorite character She is so strange and kind of awkward but the relationship between her and Zoey is so sweet I was sad that I couldn’t work with both actors. Both are so impressive to me. They are so generous. I feel very close to both of them

It’s always interesting to see when a creative team needs to be rebuilt after losing critical parts.Yes, it’s really interesting in my position as Zoey because I’m not a producer, I’m in almost every single take in season one but I’m really not part of the process in terms of making the show I’m an Actor for Hire I love this show so much and I have constant conversations with Mandy and Austin regarding making the second season and Zoey’s bow I have no say one day I hope to be able to produce shows

Speaking of producing, what is it like to shoot a show in a post-COVID world? It’s not exactly a two-handed, it’s a show that requires a lot of interaction How was it? I was really scared to go into this year.Like everyone else, I’d been sitting in my house with my friend for five months.Lionsgate hired this team of scientists and doctors to keep us safe.I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life as in this year, just being able to go to work and do what I love and get paid to do it, I just feel incredibly lucky to be doing this show, playing that role, and then doing it during this pandemic I’m just very grateful. It’s a little strange that I spend more hours a day than Zoey than Jane So it’s a little bit strange to operate like there hasn’t been a pandemic for so many hours and then we scream “cut” and masks go on and you walk into your secluded area. It’s a bit bizarre but I am also very happy that I can do that

So it’s like going into a world where half of your time doesn’t exist. It must be strange. It’s mostly nice to be honest. When we started the first episode there was a scene where Mary [ Steenburgen] and I embraced in the kitchen, and as soon as we touched, we froze and started laughing and almost started crying because we had touched another person

I have a feeling the show could be more popular now than it did at the end of season one, it feels like it’s building a fan base even when it’s not in the air as people catch up with Hulu or Peacock’s Why do you think it is growing? Because we’re running out of content! [Laughs] We need to see something. No I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve heard this idea

You saw some year-end praises Is it just a factor that more people are writing about it? Maybe when we were doing this show we were doing a show about a grieving woman, we didn’t know when it came out we were going to go through such a collective grieving process, so it was mind-boggling that way, I thought a lot about our show yesterday about something I have this one Fall thought a lot In moments when I like this is really hard and I’m tired and I don’t want to go through this now, I really think of everyone in the world now when we give someone who is sitting at home some kind of cheer or catharsis or offer joy or laughter or even a good scream, it would mean it all to me, that’s the whole reason I do this job

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

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